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   A Dialogue on Training[2005.4.22] <3> : How to teach Kyorugi.
Little Dragon : lee!
Blue : Hi, how are you?
Little Dragon: fine, u? long time no see
Blue : I'm fine, too. Yes, I was somewhat busy for that time.
Little Dragon : on what? i am curious, u know
Blue : My wife's exhibition of her paintings, and some tasks of committee of Seoul national university.
Little Dragon : oh. wonderful. did the exibition go well
Blue : Today, Soo held a ceremony of her own book on her paintings.
Little Dragon : is she happy? all went well, i hope
Blue : She didn't have enough time, so she had to hurry up, and the result is basically fine.
Little Dragon : good. how did the public accepted it?
blue : Important things went well, but something detailed were not so good.
Little Dragon : oh, it's the hurry no?
Blue : The design was not so good, particularly.
Little Dragon : oh, the design of the book?
Blue : Yes, because she hurried, she couldn't help it.
Little Dragon : well...
Blue : Yes, the desgin of the book cover.
Little Dragon : if the overall was good, she will have more chances to perfect
Blue : And I also had a new book. About philosophy, two weeks agon.
Little Dragon : FIUuuuuu. |
Blue : It was a short story of history of philosophy.
Little Dragon : y ou guys never stop. history of philosophy?
Blue : But, its design was not so good either. Yes, history of western philosophy.
Little Dragon : how philosophy started? in inglish no?
Blue : In the western world, at least, Tales began the history of philosophy in old Greece.
Little Dragon : yes
blue : You are asking if I wrote the story of philosophy in english?
Little Dragon : yes, also. i wishhhhh
Blue : Oh, it was written in Korean.
Little Dragon :  i knew
Blue : The book begins the story with my poem on philosophy.
Little Dragon : hmhmm
Blue : Usually, the story of philosophy is not interesting but difficult, ... just moment, I have to do something for now. Wait some minutes.
Little Dragon : ok
blue : I'm back now.
Little Dragon : ok. u know, sara got hurt. on training
Blue : How come?
Little Dragon : she was so tired and in sparring,  sliding to front, the big finger got stuck on the ground and she bended the finger so much that the skin broke
blue : Almost same kind of injury of your knee... ?
Little Dragon : so she had to stich some points.  no. she was lucky in all that only the skin was tore not tendons, nothing else
Blue : Some factors are dangerous in Kyorugi.
Little Dragon : she must be lighter. i was not there, but she says she was to tired to react
blue: Yes, but I think masters should know how to teach kyorugi more.
Little Dragon : what do u mean?. not to take her to exaustion?
Blue : I never learned how to teach kyorugi, but my master told me there is ways to teach kyorugi, and I agree with him. And I can understand how to teach it, step by step.
Little Dragon : please tell me
blue : Yes, of course. Usually, beginners intend to just attack with all of themselves, and they are deseperate to defend other's attack. The basic danger comes from this matter.
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : And another things. Kyorugi is too complex for beginners to control efficiently.
Little Dragon : and the over excitment
Blue : So masters should lead them to control basic factors, and they should be easy in attack and defense, by way of simple game.
Little Dragon : but in detail, what basic factors
Blue : For an example, in TKD kyorugi, everyone tries to kick almost every way. But actually, they come fo fail in most cases, and otherwise, the good attackers try only one or two kinds of atttack at once.
So, masters should regulates the methods of attack and defense in simple game for beginners. For and example, they should use only one-side dollyo chagi.
Little Dragon : oh, like you use to do with our first classes
Blue : And with protectors, masters should told them and convince them that they are not dangerous or too painful, so that they are not desperate to defend. The students should begin simple game in kyorugi.
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : Allowing  points in kyorugi is not so dangerous between beginners. The danger comes from desperate intention to defend or avoid other's attack.
Little Dragon : haha, u are so right
Blue : Imagine that one was kicked on his stomach over protectors. HOw much dangerous will it be?
Little Dragon : u can put it all in words, that is the dificulty of many, I included
Blue : But instead, if he were desperate to avoid it, he can fell down or broke his arms and so on. ...
Little Dragon : right
Blue : So masters regulate the situation of kyorugi, step by step.
Little Dragon : they hurt themselves because they shock a lot, they do not kick in the right place
Blue : And it is actually more effective way of training of kyorugi. Let me tell you how to regulate at first. You should convince students' mental problem. Usually, it is the fear.
Little Dragon : of course
Blue : It is the feat that disturbs his or her own control of their body.  so you should point it directly, at least, asking them. "Are you scarced?" and "If you are too much scarced, you can choose now, no kyorugi this time. If you choose to do it you can also try it. What do you want?".
Little Dragon : haha. they never admit they are scared
Blue : And sometimes you had better tell them, "it is not only you that are scarced before kyorugi. It is everyone's problem. So it is not problem. Instead, you should control the fear. HOw? You should able to contorl your motion in spite of the fear. Then, it is OK. So you should focuce on controlling your motion in the next simple game."
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : The first game can be composed of only one kick, or only one punch. Only right dollyeo chagi can be a best example.
Little Dragon : ?
Blue : Then the kyorugi should allow only right side dollyo chagi, and attacker and defender have to pay attention to when they should try it.
Little Dragon : oh, ok
Blue : Then the factors they have to control is the distance first.
Little Dragon : hmhmm
Little Dragon : good
Blue : When too close, and when too far, it is impossible to kick him. You have to tell it to them.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : And in that case, you had better prohibit them to block their kick with their arms.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : Push them to allow kick if they cannot cotrol distance.
Little Dragon : yes, good idea
Blue : Then they will come to focus on the distance, and balance and another things, which are important but not visible.
Little Dragon : of course. u are good teacher
Blue : And another way to approach to this kind of teaching, you can allow only two techniques for each kyorugi. For example, one attack and one counter kick.
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : For that you should have the coupled set of techniques.
Little Dragon : i will try this even today. yes
Blue : It means, you should understand first that the circular system of attack and defense. you should know why this motion can be a good attack, and then how to defend it, and how to attack in success against that defense and so on.
Little Dragon : hmm. i must prepare attacks and defenses for them. and explain why it is good attack or defense, yes?
Blue : Some times, you may feel difficult to find answer for your question: "how to attack in this case, like he is ready for this counter attack?".
Yes, you are right.
Little Dragon : ok, u gave me much to work about.
Blue : In some case, when you find a good answer to your difficult question, it must be one that you've learned or heard before, but you didn't pay close attention to.
Little Dragon : it happens so many times
Blue : Then, it is time you reconsider the basics.
Little Dragon : yes, i also give same importance of basics as u. u taught me that
Blue : OK. And I have to do something urgent for me. I wish we could see in several days.
Little Dragon : ok, i am almost finished your book. 9 more chapters and it's done. we will talk more later. bye and thanks a lot
Blue : And.. did I told you that Spanish friend found a publisher that will make Spanish book?
Little Dragon : yes? it's not good news... for me.  but congratulations. i am happy for you both. when is it coming out?
Blue : Lewis, a friend in Barcelona, found a company for publication of PPT in Spanish. I'm happy with that too.
Blue : We are ready to make English versionof PPT too.
Little Dragon : WOWWWWW. how is that happening?
Blue : If I get a good news, I will tell you again.
Little Dragon : so very good. ok. see you then. master
Blue : Well, in May, perhaps.
Little Dragon : take care
Blue : OK. bye.
Little Dragon : i have more news but i tell u next time.  bye

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