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   master pa 
   Breathing and Curing[2006. 01. 27]
Little Dragon : masterrrrrr
Blue : Hi, how are you?
Little Dragon : better now. i had a big pain on ciatic nerve last week. i had to lay down on the bed
Blue : Just moment.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : Sciatic nerve?
Little Dragon : yes. i have been foolish
Blue : What did you do just before?
Little Dragon : i wanted to train summersault
Blue : summersault?
Little Dragon : i think u write like that. summer sault. a jump 360º. u know?
Blue : Oh, yes... but why did you try that?
Little Dragon : with cushions and a jumping spring. because i wanted to learn how to do it. and everything seemed right. i did it for 1h30m. next day, for 1h
Blue : You mean you jump up and upside down in the air and get back up?
Little Dragon : i jump over a spring table. i don't know the right terms...  yes, like u said. but i kept falling leaning on my left foot
Blue : I believe it has little thing to do with true martial arts.
Little Dragon : because i fear for the right knee. nothing at all with martial arts just pleasure of body.
Blue : So you broke your balance of your weight. ...
Little Dragon : yes. and after 3 days, i almost couldn't move my left leg  but i rested and it's geting better now.
Blue : What kind of pain do you feel and where?
Little Dragon : i feel a pain on my lower back and big pain in my left buttock and leg, until the knee. it's my old problem again. it's like a clock.
Blue : It seems it is the problem of your back spine too. The line of nerve must be touched and interrupted by the some part of the spine.
Little Dragon : i think it's on the lower spine. L4/L5 or L5/S1
Blue : Maybe... but it is hard to know its correct point.
Little Dragon : yes. even i cannot tell exactly
Blue : For the appearance can be different from its origine oftem.
Little Dragon : yes. but it's my old problem
Blue :Firstly, we have simple solution for that. Take a rest first, and hand your body upside down then, and stop the training.
Little Dragon : stop the training is the hard part , how, if i teach?
Blue : Not the whole training, but that you did.
Blue :summer sault.
Little Dragon : oh, of course. i never did it again. it's not for old men like me
Blue : And if it were you old problem, you should grow your inner sight on your body. And you need some exact yoga, with right way of breathing.
Little Dragon : yes. i stoped doing my breathing with stretching...
Blue : With good method of stretching you can correc that problem, I guess.
Little Dragon : i was feeling much better. but i just don't have the time...
Blue : If you continue, you can find the exact point of your problem, and only yourself can do it.
Little Dragon : i ust, but right now, as i told u i am mixed in so many things. i forgot myself again
Blue : Yes, time is problem for everyone.
Little Dragon : i need at least 45m for breathing
Blue : If you have experienced right way of breathing, you can do it everywhere, and anytime.
Little Dragon : hmmm. i must concentrate. i cannot do that everywhere
Blue : The essential point is to breath smoothly and with very slow rhythme. Of course, you should breath naturally.
Little Dragon : from dang jon
Blue : Yes.
Little Dragon : but for how long
Blue : And ... yes, it is required to concentrate, but it is required for beginners particularly.
Little Dragon : it's hard for me to concentrate just for the sake of concentration. if i do stretching, i can concentrate easily
Blue : If you know well how to do it. you can do it even in subway, or in bus or on the street, walking, and so on.  The only thing you have to do is concentrate yourself on the breathing, and observe how you breath, and try to breath slow and smoothly.
Little Dragon : it's good if i do it even for one minute?
Blue : Yes. And the naturality is most important.
Little Dragon : i thought u need more time to get results
Blue : It is very hard to continue to breath slow and smoothly under your control
Little Dragon : what may be the result of one minute concentration?
Blue : It is to get better sense of right breathing. And to apply that breathing to every daily movement.  And enlarge its realm.
Little Dragon :oh, yes
Blue : So that you can breath that way in every kind of motion.
Little Dragon : one starts with one minute
Blue : Especially, when you need some  contemplation or reflection or some relaxation, you should try that breathing.
Little Dragon : ok, i will include that in my daily life, or at least try to
Blue : Yes, and even when you breath with full concentration in a room, you cannot continue that without stop. Otherwise you come to force some hard breathing, which can cause some serious problem.
Little Dragon :  you cannot continue that without stop. what do u mean?
Blue : So you should forgive continuity of breathing in that case, and repeat the control of the breathing. Let me describe.
Little Dragon :i think i understood
Blue : You or I begin breathing. Firstly, you will control the breathing, to be slow and smooth with regularity.
Little Dragon : hmhum
Blue : But as time goes on, you and I come to meet the time when it is hard to continue the regular breathing of slow and smooth long rhythme.
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : In that case, some people force that regular breathing for themselves. But it can cause problem.
Little Dragon : then, i take a big nreath and relax again
Blue :The first virtue of breathing is naturality. Yes, that's right.
Little Dragon : yes. u told me before. and if i cannot concentrate, not to worry to let thoughts come and go on my mind but not to get attached to them
Blue : And I have to go out for a moment, to get my son back from my mother-in-law.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : Yes, what you've told me are all right.  I will be back in 30 minutes or so.
Little Dragon : i am preparing our next training of ANT. i will be here. take care

   About Stretching [2006. 2. 24]

master pa

   A Dialogue on How to practice Technique.

master pa

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