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   About Stretching [2006. 2. 24]
Little Dragon : hi, Lee
Blue : Hi, Fernando...
Blue : Sorry to be late.
Little Dragon : hi. i thought u were busy
Blue : How about you?
Little Dragon : so so. my back is always complaining. i do what i can to minimize
Blue :Do you often hang your body upside down?
Little Dragon : the pain is ruining my training. Yes. but somedays ago i may have done something wrong
Blue : What?
Little Dragon : i hung up, after a hard train. and i felt good, and all relaxed
Blue : Right away after a hard train?
Little Dragon : but when i came out, pain all around the waist started. Yes. DUMB
Blue : I think, it was not so bad.
Little Dragon :. i may have stretched too much. the pain persists for over 4 days
Blue : As far as I know, it would be not bad to hand up after hard traing. After 4 days, didn't you find something different?
Little Dragon : yes. the pain is smaller
Blue : Yes, that's what I'm expecting.
Little Dragon : it will go away, eventually. but it was dumb of me. i always read that after a hard train, one should not strectch. because the muscle is sored and needs blood. the muscle is thick and small. if one stretches, it will cause lots of small ruptures. what do u think about that?
Blue : It may be right in some sense, but the stretching be better after hard training than soft training.For hard training exhaust body, so it helps relaxation.
Little Dragon :yes, that's is what we use to do in martial arts but now…
Blue : And relaxation is firstly required for stretching.
Little Dragon : they say the best way is when u are really hot, but not too tired
Blue : But you should know how to stretch in the right way.
Little Dragon : i am in some doubt between new ways and old ways. i feel very good to stretch after long and hard train
Blue : Yes, you are right. So stretching should not be tried after cooling the tired body. You should try it when your body is hot with exhaustion. Especially, stretching is better when you cannot stop breathing.
Little Dragon : but i am afraid to do wrong, in face of the new studies. yes
Blue : OK. Then, let me tell you the essential factors of right way of stretching.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : Firstly, good stretching should go with breathing. When you want more with unrelaxed body, you come to stop breathing when you make a pose with muscular strength, which is worst.
Little Dragon : yes. i know that
Blue : Secondly, stretching should go with relaxation. Continuous breathing helps relaxation even with cold body. But for beginners, it is hard to do it,
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : so they should try it when their body is hot with sweat.
Little Dragon : yes, of course
Blue : And thirdly, stretching should go very slow. It should be making a pose, than a making an action.
Little Dragon :hmhumm
Blue : Most people has very strong disposition to act some way, for example, to open their legs or bow down their upper body, with some help of their action. But such an action can cause problem very easily.
Little Dragon : why? u mean with insistences?
Blue : So good stretching should be la slow shift from one easy pose to another dipper pose.
Little Dragon : ah, ok
Blue : I means you should be able to control every part of your stretching moment by moment.
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : With action, you come to fail to control some of your moment or your body, particularly when you are older.
Little Dragon : aha. i know it
Blue : So, it can be best to make a final pose for over 1 minute for good stretching.
Little Dragon : but u can explain the reasons. 1m for each pose?
Blue : Yes, for an example, you bow down your upper body, you should stay in the final pose for 1 m, with breathing, and with insistence to push down your chest more. Without action, but with only inner muscular strength.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : It will cause some pain in your mind rather than in your body. I mean, you will want to get back earlier.
Little Dragon : not me. i love stretching. i use to do it for 45m every day. but now, i have very few time for me
Blue : You should intend to do as if you search the better stretched state in the static pose.
Little Dragon : as if i search my limit, and learn to stay there
Blue : If you go along the right way, you will feel your body getting warm soon.
Blue : Yes.
Little Dragon : yes, i always feel that. i actually can stretch without warm up, because after 1m i am hot. with breathing. right?
Blue : And the inner mind of that way, is to be careful for your body and your action.
Blue : Yes, right.
Little Dragon : yes, to be concentrated in your body and muscles
Blue : And then, you should get balanced in the order of your making poses.
Little Dragon : what u mean
Blue : I mean, once you twisted one side, you should twisted the other side too.
Little Dragon : ah, yes
Blue : Once you moved to forward, the next pose should be backward.
Little Dragon : i try always to do a complete stretch begining in my head, up to my toes but in class, we do not have the time for that
Blue : And  you should stretch with full rest. I mean you should not hurry up from one pose to another as soon as you finish one.
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : If you don't have enough time for all that, you should reduce the number of the poses.
Little Dragon : in class i stretch only the strongest muscles
Blue : Yes, good.
Little Dragon : the most used ones
Blue : And you'd better make a usual set of stretching, though I believe you already have it.
Little Dragon : yes. but let me ask u some people, and books say.
Blue : That stretching should be routine, and you should allow sufficient time for that.
Little Dragon : that if u use always the same set the muscles will get used and come to a time when they don't stretch anymore in that pose one comes to a stand by. true?
Blue : Partly, it is right.
Little Dragon : so one should have a set but change it every some months?
Blue : But in most case, people cannot open their two legs 180 degree although they try it everyday.
Little Dragon : i know and i know i tried
Blue : And what you've said is also right, And it was what I intended to recommand.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : And in the training for beginners, you have to make them to expect routine thing, especially they don't enjoy it.
Little Dragon : yes, so they get used
Blue : Stretching is one example. Beginners don't enjoy it most case. So you should make it routine,
Blue : yes, you are right.
Blue : so that they will know that it will go everyday, and it will go only to exact time.
Little Dragon : ha, important
Blue : They will know it will not go too much, so they will accept reluctantly. Or, when you focuse stretching specially one day, you should announce first, so that they will expect what will come and how much it will come.. Sorry, it is very late here, and I have something to do now, so I wish we see again tomorrow or later.
Little Dragon : yes, thanks, for all the advise
Blue : don't mention it.
Blue : Bye.
Little Dragon : i was just preparing class
Little Dragon : bye, take care master
Blue : TAke care.

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