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   Dialogue on Training[2005. 3. 14]: True TKD is habit.
Blue : And i recommand you try very soft training with breathing.
Little Dragon : and stretch a little
Little Dragon : what kind? tai-chi?
Blue : Whenever you try some hard thing, you should take a rest between each hard training or pose.
Little Dragon : oh, ok
Little Dragon : i am prepparing for my next dan promotion already
Blue : Not only tai-chi... slow and soft movement of TKD can be good too. Like Juchum Seo momtong Jireugi.
Little Dragon : u coming here gave me a new life
Little Dragon : i am doing what we did when u were here. yes tchutchum seo montong jirugui i do it every class, but i must start runing
blue : When you try soft training, you should focus on the reconciling breath and movement.
Little Dragon : yes, i found that in poomses again. it was hard for me to reconciling breath so i will do it slow motion and try what u say
Blue. : Oh, good. ^^ And in slow training, we can delete some unnecessary movements in the fast one that we make hurrying, so we should repeat it that way with concentration.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : I wish you remember, the true technique of TKD is a habit.
Little Dragon : huhum
Blue : You should do it by habit of a certain condition or situation. Otherwise, you cannot use it when you do need it.
Little Dragon : of doing things well
Blue : Yes...
Little Dragon : yes. my tipe of class doesn't help my traing at all, u know...
Little Dragon : so i go 1h earlier for my personnal training. tell me, did u have kiokpa in your promotion test for 5th dan?
Blue : I also have same problem. It is quite difficult to find the best condition for my own training.
Little Dragon : we need to train with black belts, as when u were here but i cannot gather them, they are lazy as i am, a little also
Blue : The best condition for training can be only with one partner, I believe.
Little Dragon : yes,  but as i am not at 100% i am ashamed to ask anyone. it will not be a full training for him
Blue : I'm sorry, Fernando... I have to go to bed. Tomorrow, I have to give a lecture as soon as the school begin...
Little Dragon : ok, i'll see u other time. PPT is coming. someone offered to help me publish the book
Blue : I think I can find the best partner among my students. The man who understand my teaching and have strong desire to learn.
Little Dragon : let's see if he keeps his word
Blue : Oh, it is good news, too.^^
Little Dragon : oh, i see
Blue : Yes, let's see...
Little Dragon : ok, u go now, we'll talk more other time
Blue : OK, see you again.
Little Dragon : regards to soo, and si-woo.  see u, master ^^
Blue : Regard to Teresa, and your daughters....^^
Little Dragon : thanks
Blue : Bye.
Little Dragon : bye, take care

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