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   A Dialogue on Training[2005.3.16] <1> : Completion of One technique
Blue : Are you all right with your legs?
Little Dragon : no, my leg still cannot explode... i have some strengh but i am still afraid to explode in full speed
Blue : Too hard training would not be good with injured legs.
Little Dragon : so , i pratise as u say also in slow motion, reconciling breath.
i just trained more yesterday because these are the few chances to train
Blue : After you get some good feeling of slow motion, you should try to understand the techniques of relaxed motion: Yu.
Little Dragon : and not to lecture ...
Little Dragon : yes
Little Dragon :  i wish u had made more hoshinsul. it is quite different then hapkido, i feel  i loved the empty when they thrust the knife in and they find nothing there...
Blue : I have many techniques of hoshinsul, but all of them are composed of only several basic techniques.
Little Dragon : yes, i know but u can mix them up to an advanced one i don't know what u consider basic in hoshinsul
Blue : The more advanced one is the more simple one. Not the more complex one.
Little Dragon : know what u mean and i always try to remember that one ovement, one lapse of time
Blue : There are many types of hoshinsul, but they are just some variations of basic ones.
Little Dragon : but do u feel they are different then hapkido?
Blue : You'd better find the proto type of them, and you can find it by way of full understanding of one.
Little Dragon : huhumm ... when u get the time please advise me in movie, or advise a site for me to look up
Blue : The difference of TKD and HKD is the ending part of technique. I mean the main part of technique(Samjae) is same, but different in choosing Kang & Yu.
Little Dragon : ahhah ... filipe's hapkido is very hard,  though, almost without Yu
Blue : And even in Kang & Yu, many technique can be different according to what part of body we use: elbow, hand, arm and so on.
Little Dragon : i see. elbow would be always kang, no?
Blue : Yes, elbow is hard, so it is used for Kang technique in most cases.
Little Dragon : ok. teresa and catarina just came home and they send regards to all of u. and adriano is online but geting out. he also sends reagrds
Blue : Thanks, I'd like to say hello to them, too.
Little Dragon : ok, i'll transmit
Blue : I also remember his kind manners.
Little Dragon : yes he is a very polite guy
Blue : All of us liked him, too. ^^
Little Dragon : u know, he is nº2 in referee of our federation. are u busy?
i wish to ask advise about a week end i am preparing of TKD. some kind of spiritual retirement for weekend a bunch of guys that i will gather to train and "breath" TKD for 2 whole days
Blue : Breathing and spiritual retirement is not easy, because almost every one is hasty in what they want.
Little Dragon : yes, i know so i need help. i am going to lecture the breathing part
Blue : I'd like to suggest we look back at our past.
Little Dragon : like?
Blue : We tried to learn many techniques for long time, but they are in vain in many cases.
Little Dragon : yes, everyone.  how should i develop the theme
blue : So, with that reflection, we should think that it is better to make only one perfect, than failure in many. And you should persuade people with this argument.
Little Dragon : one technique? to excel in one technique?
Blue : In technique, one. In spiritual practice, thinking nothing.
Little Dragon : ok
i always remember 2 things u told me:
Blue : Yes, we should make complete technique each by each, not many at once.
Little Dragon : ok
Little Dragon : one is that TKD resumes to knowing how to walk. second is that if u can learn well one technique, u can learn well all techniques
Blue : That's what I'm to say now, too. ^^
Little Dragon : am i right? ^^  u see, i learn from u, and never forget
Blue : I practice only Juchum Seo momtong Jireugi for 3 years, and I got something in that.
Little Dragon : what? did u get
Blue : The most basic technique, you know.
Little Dragon : yes, but what conclusions can u make out of that save me the time, and enlighten me.
Blue : Really many things, so that I cannot tell in short words.
Little Dragon : tell me one... transmition of power...
Blue : I tried it, as my master told me, old people do that for 3 years at first, but present people don't do that. So I tried it.
Blue : I cannot know exactly what I got from that, because it is quite old thing.
Little Dragon : whip of the waste
Blue : But basically, I felt that one technique,, and basic technique is important.
Little Dragon : huhumm
Blue : What you are saying is the essential ones. And if you do that, you will get more. I tried it without full understanding, yet I could get much.
Little Dragon : tell me something
Blue : Understanding is important in TKD's practice and learning, but TKD itself is not in mere understanding.
Little Dragon : i feel u want me to experience by myself, u don't want to tell me everything
Blue : The essence of TKD and of its training is not understanding, It is doing.
Little Dragon : hehe
Blue : I'm refering to what I cannot say; the experience of doing. I don't suggest without words someting that I can explain.
Little Dragon : sure. but the way u teach helps a lot, because u can put almost everything in words, so we have a basis to look for
Blue : Still I believe good understanding is important for practitioners. So I'm trying to explain more things that I can.
Little Dragon : yes, and also for advanced ones.  most advance without really knowing why and what bases are...
Blue : Let me ask you, can I show our dialogue on the website? I will upload this dialogue with some editing for others who may search for some explanations.
Little Dragon : of course, u already did that and i found it most inetersting. i believe my doubts are same as many
Blue : OK, I will save this, and will edit.

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