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   A Dialogue on Training[2005.3.16] <2> : Retirement
Little Dragon :  now, about the retirement... u have some time? if not i will tell u later
Blue : Yes, let's do it now.
Little Dragon : ok
Blue : With 'retirement', you mean something like rest?
Little Dragon : nom spiritual retirement. i mean geting away from everything and everyone, as to not being distacted in the mountains.
Blue : Yes, I can see what you mean.
Little Dragon : ok. i want in 2 days to talk about some matters and to have time to assimilate and discuss them
Blue : Such a spiritual retirement can be understood as a way of full rest in spirit, I think.
Little Dragon : i will talk about - relaxation, breathing and Ki (???) i must study a lot, still.  mario will talk about his profession - phisic preparation, hard and soft, and of knee injuries prevention
Blue : I suggest you try to think, usual rest cannot be full rest, particularly in mental area.
Little Dragon : but think about what? should i suggest a theme to think about?
Blue : So we should think, how we can make a rest of its full meaning.
Little Dragon : help me on that
Blue : When we take a rest, we actually think something much, still busy in mind, and it stops our rest in mental area, thus in physical area, too.
Blue : Marios knowledge will be helpful, I believe. And we nned to apply its principle to some more deep level.
Little Dragon : mario just came here, he sends regards
Blue : Full rest will help the following hard motion in physical level. Then we can think that way in mental matters, too.
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : Thanks, Regard me to Mario, too.
Little Dragon : i will keep this talk also and stretching with breath.  but how can our mind rest fully? until now, i was not able to fully rest my mind yet
Blue : The key point is the technique of make mind take a rest in truth. Old people found that technique in breathing.
Blue : In mental training too, we should try only one thing, simple thing to complete level. Not just trying and stop, but try it over and over again till we get good meaning that master or old people promised.
Little Dragon : yes. boring... very boring, until u get results
Blue : Let me tell you some thing once more, that if you succeeded another way, you can do it; but if you failed in every another way, you'd better try this thing now.
Little Dragon : what i get results, is in breathing with stretch
Blue : It is true rest.
Little Dragon : yes
Blue : So you can get the way of breathing; and the way of contolling inner things.
Little Dragon : but is this Ki training?
Blue : Once you get good sense of breathing, you can practice reconcilling breath and motion. But without that sense, no matter what explanation will be in vain.
Blue : Yes, it is Ki training too.
Little Dragon : i control very well my muscles realxation, now
Little Dragon : yes, i see. first understand breathing then include breathing in motions
Blue : Any way, ...  well... it is easy to get what other also get easily.
Little Dragon : haha
Blue : But if you want something others cannot get easily, you should expect it difficult in some sense, although it may look easy.
Little Dragon : yes, and it inspires u if even hard, u see someone that got it if u got an living example
Blue : I'm sorry Fernando, that I have to go to bed now.
Little Dragon : i must go to lunch, teresa is calling
Blue : I have a first class next morning again.  See you next time then. ^^
Little Dragon : can i send u a more detailed program of the sipiritual retirement by mail? so u can comment
Blue : Yes, send it to me.
Little Dragon : ok, give me some days to prepare it well. see u next time, Lee
Blue : Bye.
Little Dragon : thanks, bye

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