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(Written by Master Park and Master Han)



Interview of Jhoon Rhee: About Taekwondo and Bruce Lee



Famouse actor Bruce Lee, his great kicks was a crucial factor that made him a world star. But his well known kicks, which many people have believed came from Chinese martial arts, are what he've learned from Taekwondo.

Jhoon Rhee says:

At that time, he had almost no idea of kicks while his hand techniques were good. By the way, he by chance saw me kick and break woods with 2m jumping kick, and was much impressed by it. It was the first time that he saw such kick. From that time on, he became a friend of mine. He learned Taekwondo kicks from me, and I learned hand technques from him. And it was the Taekwondo kicks in the movie that made him famous.


  It is not so well known as requied, that all the famous kicks of Bruce Lee are those of Taekwondo. But if you see this interview you can get a proof for that. And actually, the Chinise martial arts that Bruce Lee learned has no high kicks that you can see in his movies. In addition to that, if you watch the old movies of Chinise martial arts, you can also see that Chinese martial arts originally had no kicks similart to those of Taekwondo, which you come to see almost every time whenever you watch Chinise martial arts in the current movies.