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(3) Taekwondo in Koryo Dynasty


Taekwondo began to progress systematically from the period of three countries on and was fixed as an important socio-cultural activity which had completed its perfect application. We need quite much effort given to investigate carefully how Taekwondo developed as a martial art during the Koryo Dynasty because of the vast amounts of written pertaining to the subject. Thus we are to inquire into three points of development of Taekwondo in the Koryo Dynasty. The first point is that Taekwondo was evaluated as a good martial art, which resulted in its systemization. The second point is that Taekwondo got a foundation of a kind of sport and the third that Taekwondo became a significant variable which determined one's social rank and class.

At first, the techniques and power of Taekkyon grew to become effective weapons even to kill human beings. Following passages give us significant insight regarding lethality of Taekkyon practices. At a power contest of taekkyon techniques, Lee Yi-Min punched a pillar of the house with his right-hand fist, then some of the props of the roof were shaken. Another taekkyon practicer had his fist pierce through a clay-wall. Thus a pattern of colletive practice, called "Obyong-subak-hui"(5 soldier's taekkyon play), was introduced so that it might be used in a real war.

Secondly, Taekwondo sports were originated in this epoch. We can prove this at ease with the facts that the king promoted Lee Yi-Min to general because he mastered the taekkyon techniques and that young people were invited to taekkyon contests where the skilled ones were selected to become military officers.

Thirdly, considering that taekkyon was a compulsory subject in the examinations for selection of military cadets we can conclude that it was a significant variable for social rank and class. Also kings of Koryo were very interested in "Subakhui"

In addition to these, it is worth noticing that many intelligent military officers were fostered at Muhakjae in Kukjagam for the war against Kum country. And also it is important to know that Taekwondo was spread abroad to China and Okinawa, which was called Koryohui.