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Taekwondo is an inherent martial art of Korea. But Taekwondo has influenced and been influenced by martial arts of China and Japan. Thus it is naturlal that the history of Taekwondo is related to that of China and Japan, for the culture flows from one to another making new kind out of old ones. I mean not that it is impossible or difficult to distinguish the features of each but that it would be a biased opinion to deprive a history of Taekwondo from those of others.

The explanations and arguments here are suggested on this supposition. So you may be able to find some confused or contradictory argument among some articles in different pages, which occurs often in academical papers. They don't provide you with a kind of dogma instead. You have to interpret the history of Taekwondo for yourself as you should indentify your history in the stream of event between you and others. Then, you can get the spirit included in the history of Taekwondo.