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Taekwondo History and Discussion


Short History of Taekwondo
Master Park and Han's History of Taekwondo

History of martial arts

Do you know history of Karate?

Interview of Jhoon Rhee: About Taekwondo and Bruce Lee

The poomsae of Taekkyon(The old style of Taekwondo)

Comparing Styles of Taekwondo, Taekkyon and Karate

Style of Taekwondo in 1962

The Characteristics of Taekwondo in 60th

They want to hide True history of Kyokusin Karate
Hidden Truth of History: About the Orgine of Japan (Recommanded Homepage: www.EastAsianHistory.pe.kr)
The Yamato Kingdom:The First Unified State in the Japanese Islands Established by the Paekche People
The Japanese Islands Conquered by the Paekche People the foundation myth: trinity
Massive Influx of the Paekche People into the Yamato Region
Fall of the Paekche Kingdom and Creating a New History of the Yamato Kingdom
King Kwang-gae-to’s Stele yamato solideirs in the korean peninsula
Archeological Break:Event or Process the late tomb culture
They, Including Minister Soga, Appeared Wearing Paekche Clothes
Coming Across the Emotive Records in Kojiki and Nihongi revelation of close kinship



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