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The Four Truth of Buddhism


The Four Truths

(1) Truth as to Suffering: birth is painful, old ages is painful, disease and death are painful, grief, sorrow, lamentation, depression, despair are painful; association with the uncongenial is painful, separation from loved ones is painful; not getting what one wants is painful. In fact every part of us-existing, as we do, because we grasp hold of life-is subject to suffering.

(2) Truth as to the cause of suffering: it is ignorant craving, which leads to rebirth, and is associated with desire-attachment, seeking pleasure everywhere, the craving for happiness i nthis life or in a future life.

(3) Truth as to the ending of suffering: it is the putting an end to ignorant craving, giving up that desire-attachment, abandoning that pleasure-seeking and craving for life or for the cessation of life.

(4) Truth as to the Path that leads to the ending of suffering: it is the aryan Eightfold Path, namely: right views, right mindedness, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right endeavour, right mindfulness, right concentration.