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The Eightfold Path

(1) Right Views - seeing life as it is, in accord with its three characteristics (change or impoermanence, sorrow, and unsubstantiality or non-egoism); and appreciating the four truths.

(2) Right Mindedness - being motivated by friendly thoughts, without prejudice, towards one's fellow human beings and towards all other forms of sentient life.

(3) Right Speech - speaking kindly and truthfully, and narrating incidents accurately.

(4) Right Action - acting skilfully and sympathetically, while avoiding vain or violent effort.

(5) Right Livelihood - practising a means of living that does not cause oneself nor others to infringe lawful morality.

(6) Right Endeavour - self-perfection by avoiding and rejecting ignoble qualities while acquiring and fostering noble qualities.

(7) Right Mindfulness - the cultivation and priactice of self-awareness and compassion, resulting in self-reliance and equanimity.

(8) Right concentration - contemplation culminating in intellectual intuition, wisdom.

This eightfold Way of life is the Middle Path, the way of moderation that avoids extremes. The Middle Way is Gotama's criterion, to be applied to daily life. The eigt sections are not to be practised in sequence but concurrently; They are not stops.