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Philosophy of Taekwondo


It is not easy to regard Taekwondo itself as a philosophy. For Taekwondo looks like a mere system of physical activity of man. But what is philosophy? Usually speaking, a philosophy is an extinct conceptual system of human thought. Almost of them are written literally. But it is not necessary that it should be literally.

Anyway, there can be somewhat natural disputes of the identity of Taekwondo philosophy for it does not exist in literal form originally. And this matter leads another kinds of issues on Taekwond philosophy; What's the content of Taekwondo philosophy, where can we get them, how can we justify it, what is the relation between its literal philosophy and physical movements and so on. These problems should be investigated and answered.

You will find some answers and its justifications in this part. And you can join this discussion by emails or in BBS(Click the "Discussing" of left menu!). Give me questions and let's discuss. This whole process will help you train Taekwondo and your mind.

Basic Discussions on Taekwondo Philosophy


1. Taekwondo Philosophy of Mr.Blue

(1) What is Philosophy of Taekwondo?
(2) What cannot be the Philosophy of Taekwondo?
(3) Structure of Taekwondo Philosophy

2. Taekwondo Philosophy of Master Park and Han

(1) What is Taekwondo?
(2) What is Taekwondo Philosophy?
(3) The relationships between Taekwondo and the traditional thoughts of the oriental.
A. Confucianism and Taekwondo philosophy
B. Taoism and Taekwondo philosophy.
C. Buddhism and Taekwondo Philosophy

3. Another Philosophy and Religions Related to Taekwondo Philosophy

(1) Buddhism
(2) Confucianism
(3) Taoism?

Discussions on Practical Philosophy of Taekwondo


1. Taekwondo Philosophy of Master Konnie Kwak

(1) Purpose of Martial Arts Training
(2) Leadership Principles



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