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Structure of Taekwondo Philosophy


The knowledge of Taekwondo philosophy is same with that of technique and skill of Taekwondo. Therefore, without basic knowledge of Taekwondo philosophy you cannot develope your Taekwondo nor teach people Taekwondo well.

Although you may feel difficult to understand how to apply these knowledge to specific techniques, with steady learning and training, you will be able to understand it in the end.

Reference : TAEKWONDO PRINCIPLE, Samjae & Kang-Yu of TAEKWONDO.

Ilgiyae: This is the ultimate goal of Taekwondo training. Its principle, or the formulated figure of Ilgiyae is called "TAEKWONDO".
Samjae: Samjae is the distinctive aspects of Ilgiyae. Samjae is the foundation that enables you to use the techniques of Kang and yu successfully.
Kang-Yu: Kang and Yu is the two different aspects or two distinguished principles of Taekwondo technique. With these concepts you can understand how you can control over your stronger opponent.
Technique: Technique is what practitioners actually pursues at first. Without embodiment of technique TAEKWONDO cannot be Taekwondo. Each technique is composed of Kang and Yu.