<My Friends Sites of Martial arts>

juntaiart.com Spanish: This site is of very beautiful design. I say, this site is more beautiful than any other official or commercial TKD site I have ever seen. I love it. My friend Lewis belong to this site.
Marcialshop.com Portuguese: This site is for TKD materials. This site is designed simple and effetive. If you live in Portugal you can contact it for better TKD materials of low price.
www.Hapkidohoshinkido.com Portuguese: Hapkido Site. If you can read Portuguese, I recommand you visit it. You can see many films and photos of Hapkido and Taekwondo Seminar.
Bristol Taekwondo School Home Page English: WTF Taekwondo site. Master Davies is the Master of the related Dojang. Well arranged materials on TKD.