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List of Members

Name Nationality Gender Level
Courtis Corina Argentina Female
Bader Christine German Female
Ai Shu Guang China Male
Yoshimura Takehiko Japan Male
Kim Boo Eun Korea Male
Wang Wei China Male
Frank Albrecht German Male
Ping Xiao Yuan China Male
Fu Bin China Female
Keiko Nakamura Japan Female  
Lee Sun Hee Korea Female

Do you know them, who like only hard training and repetition? The people in the photo below are the heros and heroins. Can't you believe? Come to Dojang and confirm it.

This photo was taken at the beginning of the autumn semester, and one person is absent, yoshimura Takehiko.

And the master is the guy the smallest man in the second line. This is the first scene of this semester.

The next scen is our beginning party. It was the first time that every member joined beginning party in TKD class. It was very cool to drink the cold beer with good chickens in somewhat hot weather.

This photo shows the scene of drinking Makgulli, a traditional alcohol during the festival. It was quite cold so that we had to have meeting indoor.

The next is the scene of our training. This time we were practicing Dui-chagi(back-kick), one of the most difficult kicking skills. In Dui-chagi, the most important point is that you should kick straight... do you remember? And never forget the hard training and repetition are always most important, more important than anything else.

Having some drinks after training. Everyone is smiling... because the master is taking photo so that he cannot appear in this picture. Do you know why they want the master not to appear in the picture? Let me tell you. Because he is, he is too handsome, no matter whether you trust me or not.

Next, the lady who likes Taekwondo, and especially, the repetition and hard training really much. She is the first lady(?^^) from Latin area who practiced TKD with master blue. She also likes Master blue like all another people. The right picture is the scene that she affirms that she likes him although her impression looks like negation. Please believe me! I insist, she affirmed with that impression when I asked her! The photos were taken when having some drinks after training.

Is he hulk?

No, he is Wang Wei...-.-;

You should try backkick like this. This point is that you should kick along straight line...

Master, is this a backkick, too?

No, it is rather a pose of a pitcher... Yes, Yun Jeong is very good. I mean, Sie sind sehr gut.

Mr. Blue and Red... <After training> and with Miss. Black.

Who is this guy? Well, I don't know...

Yes, the name doesn't belong to a certain man in its essence.

Does it hurt you? No. .. How about? No....

You should do like this. Does it hurt you? Wooops! Yes.

This skill is interesting to learn, but ... can smell strange...!!!

Why do they leave me alone? It must be because I'm too handsome.

No,it must be not. Alars, I became like a strange man, who wears blue always, through classes.

After all these hard yet interesting trainings (with repetitions, too) we had to finish our classes.

In the ending party we had Ra-Myon(a nuddle). It was terrible that we couldn't have chickens that master blue promised, but it was interesting, right? ^^. Sorry for that.

In these photos, you can see how much Frank likes Ra-Myon. He had it hard!!!

Congratulations on your finishing the semester.

We made a group again. For what? Of course hard training and repetition....?

No. Just for a pic.

And another beautiful memory, mixed with our sweat in spite of the slightly cold weather in fall in Korea. Every kind of pleasure, only when contrasted with painful efforts, can be enjoyed and remembered really beautiful so that it cannot be erased from our mind and it will be an important part of our life. I wish TKD can give you the sweet pleasure and, otherwise, the painful effort. If it can give you both it would be best!

I thank a lot Frank for those many good and important photos.

I expect everyone someday, any time when you find some energy dancing in you for the sweet sweat in painful yet spicy training of fully exhaustedly relaxing way in dojang, no matter how far you are. This is the way we meet deep in our spirit and in our beautiful memory... I think.

See you again at any time.