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List of Members

Name Nationality Gender Level
Susi Geiger German Female
Lee Rika Korea Female
Han Sung German Male
Otsuka Tadakura Japan Male
Hamanaka Keiichi Japan Male
Sanjay Yadav India Male
Bidhan Kumar Mutshuddi Bangladesi Male
Jiang Ming China Male
Kim Wookil Korea Male
Grace Nelson U.S.A Female

When we were climbing the Kwan-ak mountain.

Susi was so much thirsty that she had to drink water when taking photo. The relationship between water and lady...?

Well, try to climb this mountain to know that.

The members of TKD class of summer, 2000. (Provided by Suzi)
Two pretty girls and one handsome man with another guys.

Who do you say is the handsome guy?

It's me.
No, it's me.
No, IT'S ME!

By the way, why is Suzi perplexed in this photo?

We had watermelon after the hardest training. Do you remember the sweet taste?

On a top. The wind was a little hot, but it was interesting to see down the campus.

They smiled, because the Master was absent in this picture. -_-; Right?

Yes, you should kick like this man. This is Dollyo Chagi. (Photo provided by Susi.)

Only photo that includes one more member, Sophia. She came from Spain, and registered a little late. (Provided by Han Sung.)

You see, this motion. As you observe, the trivial difference is really important in TKD.

So what is important for that? Yes, the repetition and hard training!!!(Photo provided by Susi.)

No photo, for security!

No, I'm focusing on myself in the mirror. (Photo provided by Susi.)

Don't be shy, man. You don't have to be shy 'cause you are not pretty. No one will be interested in you...

By the way, who is the gorilla man on the right?

(At Shinchon, for the ending party.: Photo provided by Suzi.)

Congratulations! You've finished the basic course of TKD.
I'll miss you very much, though I'll miss the watermelon more than you...

(We didn't had watermelon that day. Why? Because I've already spent off all my money^^)

(Photo provided by Suzi.)

Do you know the title of this photo? "Beauty and Gentleman".

Well, what an queer name of new version of "Beauty and Beast". These days even a beast uses camcoder...-.-. ( ->Please, don't miss the last comment at the bottom of this page.)

(Photo provided by Rika.)

Suzi with a strainge Chinese boy and Blue.

Who is the Chinese boy?

I don't know. He appeared suddenly that day to be taken in photos.
It is why you can see him often in photos, though you cannot remember him...-.-;

Blue : It might be the last chance to eat korean icecream. Help yourself.

Han Sung : Thank you very much. Here, two more korean icecream, please!

Look at me, and smile...only when you've practiced to your best. Yes, there are only two.

So they were so thirsty to take a cup in front of camera.

What is she doing? Who do you mean? Susi.

No, she is not Susi. She is Ranma. -.-;

You see, the ladies who practice Taekwondo are very pretty.

... even though every lady is pretty if not beautiful, I believe. ^^;


Remember this beautiful summer, in spite of the terribly hot weather......

Leave your message on this album. I'll attach your comment here. Guest Book

We finished the training of this summer 2000 on 14th August, after ending part of the previous Wednesday. Everyone was very much sincere in the training and each practiced really hard.

Becasue everyone practiced hard, in such a hot weather, we had to eat watermelon everyday after training, and then, the Korean icecreams again. We talked many things, fighting in our jokes, on and on, over the watermelon and the Korean icecreams. It was another interesing small game between the pretty ladies and the guy who is ... handsome(-.-;).

After we finished this semester, I could not but feel quite much hurt deep in mind just like when I had said good bye to my lover when I had been younger. And now, I don't know yet how much I will miss them all as time passes on and on.

What I can do right now is to control my emotion thinking that every new meeting is followed by its separation.

See you, my friends.

15th Aug. 2000

- Master Blue -

I received some more photos about our training days at the end of 2000. So I coulnd't help uploading those photos sitting up all night with only two hour sleep.

It was good to remind myself of the beautiful days, whereas it was hard to miss all of them again.

31st Dec. 2000

I also received some more photos from Rika, with a pretty Christmas card. It is now the beginning of 2001. It was really nice to see me with a pretty woman in a photo, I mean "Beauty and Beast" story. And you have to remember the beast is a prince in the story, ha,ha!^^

(No one can help the severe prince disease -.-;;)

30th Jan. 2001

Han Sung visited Seoul and SNU in the winter between 2001 and 2002. Oh, it was very suprising pleasure to see him again in Seoul. But he couldn't stay long time, and we also had a lunch together once. Then, he found out a photo of us and sent me in July 2002. I believe we'll see some day again and again, forever.

29th. Aug. 2002