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List of Members

Name Nationality Gender Level
Song Hyewon Korea Female
Lee Sung Korea Male
Takeshima Emi Japan Female
Inagawa Yuki Japan Male
Watanabe Noriko Japan Female
Kang Joon Haeng Korea Male

In the day of beginning party. We are in photo, but our minds are in beer and chickens...^^


And, the problem! I cannot remember the mind test process because of the beer! -_-;;

A sciene of training.

"You should drop your hip down more... Yes, good!"

"In walking, it is most important not to hesitate before actual motion"

But, there was one who was late in walking. I cannot say who she is...-_-;

"Get ready... and if your opponenet kick you should block it with you an arm. OK?"

"Kick! ... Very good!"

More than one hundred basic punchings, promised sparrings and exercises of skills.

If you can find yourself in them... or if you can feel some funs at least...

The weather that got warmer and warmer as time passes on as our days got richer and richer with hard trainings...

"In apkubi you should push your hip forward more and keep low state!"

"You should not lose your sight on your opponent's eyes!"

Since they are pretty they practice TKD or since they practice TKD they are pretty?

"Remeber, there is three kinds of techniqu from this state according to your opponent's reactions.
If you don't remember the set of techniques you cannot follow your opponent's motion to love the principle of Yu(softness)."

"This skill is for a fight in close distance.
You should keep your fist in contact on your chest when you swing your elbow."

Warming up, basic training, walking and skills, and so on.

Many images that wondering in our memories.

The scene of last training day. We met Yuki's girl friend on that day.

I promised to teach them how to use weapons next time, but we couldn't, because...

It was a unique semester. Everyone was better in Korean than in English, so the explanations were given only in Korean. I wanted to learn Japanese this time since every students came from Japan, but I couldn't as I was idle. I miss it.

I believe we'll miss one another as time passes on more and more.

And, we may have another chance to see one another some day again, I wish.