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List of Members

Name Nationality Gender Level
Yasuko Saito Japan Female
David Kim USA Male
Ziad F.S. AI-Qasim Saudi Male
Khalid Najdyah Saudi Male
Edward Buck USA Male
Sakai Yuki Japan Female
Kim Thomas USA Male
Kyong Hyon Park Chile Male
Akino Morita Japan Female
Tasuko Yamazaki Japan Female
Kosono Sayaka Japan Female
Ichinose Kaori Japan Female
Watanabe Noriko Japan Female
Kamiya Tomoaki Japan Male
Yuki Inagawa Japan Male
Geng Chao China Male
Mohammed. H.M. Alsrard Saudi Male
Kim Vitali Rusia Male

Do you remember "Liebe Hof"? We are there now. But we were missing "Hello chicken"...^^

A special guest appeared suddenly. (Actually, she was promised to come. -_-;;)

She was teacher Ahn, who came with the biggest box of sweet icecream. Yes, Inagawa Yuki changed his seat close to her.

A wide perspective of beginning HOF.

The last course of the beginning party, 31 icecream. Who is in and who is out?

And let me say that we had "TTok-bokki" afte hof before icecream.

Be quiet! We are meditating now...

Who is that man that is dazzling?

Dui-chagi! Of course, 100 times.

We are not dancing. Have you ever heard of Hwae-chuk(Reverse kick)?

After training. What a wonderful moment we've all waited!

Yes, we are done with all the watermelons!

Oh, I'm full! ... Did she eat all the watermelon? Perhaps not... well believe or not.

This is the photo of middle party in Hello Chicken.
And... where is Noriko who missed Hello Chicken so much?

She was absent because of sickness. -_-;;;

Why does she laugh so hard?

Well, she bursts to laughter whenever she sees blue things...

Is she still in laughter? Yes... -_-;;; even in Icecream shop after bear.

Though time passes on and on, our memory will remain in our hearts and the delicious icecreams.

<Second Part>

On Seol Ak San(Mountain). It was rainy and misty like a mysterious mountain.

Who is he? A ghost? Perhaps... (Actually, Thomas...)

Photos after training.

What is he doing? Well... it seems he is dancing, but...

Do you remember? The moment when we finished the last training and got out of the Do Jang.

And the last meeting after last training... I'm sorry I couldn't join you till late evening because of my moving of that day. I miss that time still.