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List of Members

Name Nationality Gender Level
Lim Sung In Korea Male
Ronnie China(Hong Kong) Female
Twiegy Leung China(Hong Kong) Female
Koji Omura Japan Male
Katsumata Sachiko Japan Female
Kimura Mariko Japan Female
Zhao Li Li China Female
Fumihiko Yasubuchi Japan Male
Chen In China Female
Sayaka Female

First Story: The Beginning Party.

Pick the difference... Who is in, and who is out?

Members of TKD class in summer 2002. I'm much sorry that some were absent in this picture.

(Picture from Seo Seong Won. Thank you.^^)

Second Story: Visiting Han Ok Ma Eul(Town of Korean Traditional Houses)

Have you ever been in Han-Ok Ma-Eul? We've visited it once, together. Let me tell you our story.

Han-Ok Ma-Eul has a Time Capsule that will tell its history of 1000 years, after 400 years. You can see it behind of us. (In front of Time Capsule of Seoul.)

Of course, it is one of good parks in Seoul. (Hey, try to make more natural pose! ^^)

But, most of all, it is full of traditional things of Korea. Particularly, of housing.

We could see many interesting things there. (Sachiko: What's that inside the room...?)

Some thing interesting was quite difficult. Particularly, throwing arrows...

Of course, we took many pictures. (Ronnie: Cheese... oh, Kimchi...!)

Not only alone, but also of all together. Sometimes, without Blue,

And sometimes, with Blue...

But it was so hot, we had to take rests often, sitting.

The house was very big one, so it had many gates inside the whole house.

So it took quite much time to look around everything. We became tireed, thirsty and, most of all, hungery.

So we went to Tae Neung to have good dinner by cars. The dinner was what you see in photos...

Yes, the pork. It was quite delicious, and most of all, we became full... so we were happy that day.

Conclusion: Eating is most important...

Big boys of TKD class. Whose pose do you think is the best?
Well, I think Lim Seong In's is best... He is serious...-_-;;

It was on the last day.

(Picture from Seo Seong Won)

In Pizza Hut. The ending part of the last day. I remember it was rainy a little at first, but at night it poured.

Koji is absent, because he is taking this picture.

Celebrating the end of TKD class. Good bye to the watermelons too. T.T...

By the way, what is Sayaka looking at?