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Introduction to "That I Clench My Fist"




This poem was written by Lee, ChangHoo in Korea in 1989,
and adopted by the president of WTF, then translated into English and printed right away on the WTF,
the magazine that the World Taekwondo Federation publishes.
They say this poem expresses philosophical implications of Taekwondo beautifully in implicit and comprehesive words and clauses and many people have liked it.
As you see, this poem is very long.
This poem sings
about the ontology of Taekwondo philosophy at the first chapter,
about the practice and the values of Taekwondo at the second chapter,
and the whole contents of this poem is on the philosophical essence of skills of Taekwondo.
The philosophical thoughts of Taekwondo expressed in this poem are based on
the understanding of undistinguishable beings
and some unique, but traditional oriental opinion on what is life.

Philosophical Interpretation

The arrows and the following number in the Interpretation refer to each chapter of "Philosophical Principles of Taekwondo" that explains the foregoing clause of the poem.