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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


By releasing my spirit in the form of a yell <21>
My opponent's desire is overwhelmed.
All is a dialogue between the Subjective and the objective
If something cannot be found in the subjective
Then by objectivity can the opponent's
Subjectivity be dismantled. <47>



Taekwondo is enriched by lines straight and curved,
a curved line let run
Comes to stand as a circle. <45>
A circle in itself is a
Perfect world.
Within it, the universe perhaps can be seen
All is closed out or easily received.
A straight line is a sharp course
Yet also is weak,
It is drawn quickly to strike
Through all restraints,
Upon our foe.
A curved line has strength while
A straight line has speed,
A straight line and curved line
Unite in a circle but
Standing alone outside of a circle a
Straight line can be seen to exist by itself.
A straight line to my foe and a
Circle to me.
The result of a union of these
Two into one is that <41>
Taekwondo transforms from a word
Into art. <46>


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