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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


I clench my fist
Not to fell a firmly rooted tree,
Nor to catch a fish
Rushing into calm water,
Nor to spout flame from my soaring breast,
Nor to put on wings that
I might fly to lofty areas But that I may enter
From the small, quiet place
Inside my tightly clenched, <1>
Softly trembling fist
Into the way towards a boundless life
Opening endlessly before my eyes. <4>



Taekwondo is a way, a way of life. <5>
All that was separated again can meet.
Through this everything is seen
To become one. <2>
I can find my real self and so
Toward perfection turn. <10>

Mind and body when harmonized make the human being whole. <31>
Thought and action when harmonized free each from the other. <9>
Value and fact when harmonized make meaning. <63>
Motion and stay when harmonized lead to tranquillity. <48>
Yielding and stoutness when harmonized create power. <41>
Strength and weakness when harmonized brings about tenderness. <45>
Drawing and erasing when harmonized paints a picture without form. <6>
Eternity and an instant when harmonized produces a possibility. <22>
Myself and another when harmonized makes we. <8>
Air and ground when harmonized becomes the earth. <62>
Living and dying when harmonized breathes as a life. <4>
Inhaling and exhaling when harmonized is a cycle of renewal and <14>
Hand and foot when harmonized forms martialism <11>
but Military and literary when harmonized is art and this brings philosophy. <11>
When all these are blended they melted into one. <3>
This one then is perfect and is equal to nothingness. <1>

When everything finally reaches the peak <58>
There is no longer a difference between being or not. <64>
I stand alone in the midst of this emptiness <55>
Then I and others appeared in a breath and <15>
My real self can walk the path without hesitation. <60>


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