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Here you can read some commentary articles on implications of "Philosophical Principles of Taekwondo". This part will include some academical articles too. So those articles would be easy in many case, but some of them may be somewhat difficult to understand, and require that you be equiped with much philosophical knowledges. The concepts of PPT are quite difficult and somtimes seem ambiguous, because of the differences between conceptios of Westerns and Orientals. So they need some commentary explanations to be understood easily and exactly.

The academical articles were included here because of another reason. Anyone has right to ask the academical ground of "The Philosophical Principles of Taekwondo", so the academical parts are necessary to answer them.

Then, you can guess the academical articles here would be very difficult and boring. That's right. So you can skip them if you are not interested in such academital discussions and arguments, but need informations directly helpful for your Taekwondo. I mean the academical ones are mainly for philosophers or scholars. But if you are interested in such a academical research, you'd better investigate them with more care. Almost contents here will concerns all kinds of traditional oriental philosophies.

The followings are the precise contents.


Commentary on Each Chapter : <Under Construction>- Some links are broken

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On Samjae and Kang-Yu of Taekwondo : This is an important commentary of PPT


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