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Taekwondo Bible was planned by personnel of Kukkiwon at first. They thought that Taekwondo world needs scriptures, which is something like bible and it will guide trainings of Taekwondo people and lead them to the correct way of spiritual and physical growth. It is the Taekwondo Bible Project. But it was hard job, so it was promoted unofficially as it was very hard to begin officially. And Master Blue was selected as the author.

But Kukkiwon has been in the political conflicts among many people inside Taekwondo world all the way, so the Taekwondo Bible Project was also almost got out of the focus of Kukkiwon. It was almost canceled even before its official beginning. But before it was actually cancelled the first volume was written secretly; TAEKWONDO Principle. And, although the project was cancelled, there still have been someone who didn't give up that project, inofficially as was begun at first, and the second volume was also written; Samjae and Kang-Yu of Taekwondo. Now the project is undertaken officially by the foundation of "Taekwondo Culture Network".

Taekwondo Bibles comprise many volumes of Taekwondo philosophy, history, techniques and training, etc. The contents of each volume are wholly organized to be both practical and theorectical at once. For the spirit and philosophy of Taekwondo cannot be separated from its concrete motion. They are under ther process of authorization, translation or publication now, but much of them is seen in this site; but not all of them.

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