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Written and Drawn by Lee, Chang Hoo / Translated by Daniel Kane


About 'Taekwondo Bible Project in 1990s'


Preface to the English version of the PPT


Part. I


1. Oneness and Nothingness are to be Born Together as One()
2. There is Do with Everything at First
3. The World, Man, and Taekwondo are One
4. Picturing the Appearance of Taekwondo
5. There is no Difference Between TAEKWONDO and Life
6. The Principles of Taekwondo are Simple

Part. II


7. In Taekwondo there is No Enemy
8. Facing the Opponent

9. Erasing Myself before My Opponent
10. Thinking with All of My Being
11. Doing Taekwondo
12. Not Losing Oneself
13. Three Materials Harmonized to Change

Part. III


14. Taekwondo's Motion in Harmony with Rhythm
15. Distinction Beginning in LIfe
16. Doing Both of Transcendence and Attachment of Victory and Defeat
17. Questioning What is Right and What is Wrong
18. Looking Out Everything With Piousness
19. Endless Changes Produced from A Simple Principle of Taekwondo
20. Finding Distance of Taekwondo
21. Begining Tide of Taekwondo
22. Keeping Balance of Taekwondo

Part. IV


23. Moving Together with Opponent ...Like Water
24. Controling Every Motion with Rhythm
25. Attacking Center of Opponent
26. Leading through One Way to Both Life and Death
27. Surpassing Whole with Control over Just A Part
28. Attacking Opponent's Blind Point
29. Capturing Opponent with Fullness of Bait and Emptiness of Trap

Part. V


30. Having Balanced Center Firm
31. Knowing the Sameness of Mind and Body
32. Filling Mind Having It Empty
33. Taekwondo Composed of Offense and Defence
34. Hitting Opponent with Whole of Yourself
35. Attacking In the Ways of Heaven, Earth, and Man
36. Making Little Movement Big Relying on <Do>
37. Avoiding Opponent's Attack With Oneness of Fullness and Emptiness
38. Offense and Defence Be Not Different
39. Winning with the Great Mean

Part. VI


40. Offense and Defence Be Simple
41. Having Softness and Hardness Be One
42. There Be No Difference Between Weapon and Something Else
43. Controling Weapon with Mind
44. Being Able to Discard Weapon
45. Harmony of Point, Straight Line and Circle
46. Beautifulness Being in Action
47. Able to Stab Opponent Even with Ki-hap

Part. VII


48. Seeing Motion in Standstill
49. Sparring with Myself as Imaginary Opponent
50. Free in Strict Regularity
51. Having Poomsae Alive
52. Perfection Which is Neither Completion Nor Iincompletion
53. Having Yourself Empty At the End of Poomsae Training
54. There being Something Both Difficult and Easy
55. Getting Everything As Simple

Part. VIII


56. Completing Cutting Off
57. Taekwondo Be One Skillart
58. A Piece of String That Make Necklace with Perls
59. Seeing New Horizon At the End of Area That Can Be Seen
60. Everything in the World Pleasing Me
61. Begining Training Following Patterns
62. Seeing the World Even In A Leaf Falling
63. Truth of Taekwondo Be Both Right and Strong
64. Oneness and Nothingness Finish Together with Each Other()