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Understanding the Formality of Poomsae  

"Can I fight using such formal movements?"
"Would you subdue your opponent with blind motion then?"(Ch.50 of TKD Bible Vol.1)


Therefore, though poomsae is comprised of a limited pattern it opens up to infinite possibilities when through your own creative will you interpret the original potential of every poomsae motion. No one can understand the ultimate implications of poomsae until he grasps this freedom. As you practice poomsae you ought to seek out its hidden meanings rather than merely imitating its patterned motions.

In this manner, to practice poomsae is not to restrict oneself to a structured formality but to open oneself to non-regularity by way of the generality of poomsae. However, this will not be possible until one has first become trained in the formality and regularity of poomsae. In other words, while poor poomsae form will hinder freedom, skilled Taekwondo poomsae in no way interferes with freedom. The formality of poomsae both creates freedom and exists alongside it.