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Essential Factors of Poomsae  

1. Opponent(Actual Fight in Form) : Fight with the imaginary opponent, who is yourself.(Ch. 49)

The most important factor of Poomsae of Taekwondo is the hypothetical opponent. It means, you should suppose your opponent in the performance of each technique. The fact that Taekwondo poomsae contains a hypothetical opponent is its essential distinguishing feature from dance. This difference, however, is also nothing at the same time. For every actual entity does not distinguish itself from another by itself, and every motion of man is same as another. Therefore, a perfect dance can be perfect Taekwondo and vice versa. Both of them are the same in that they are man's motions and the best motions which express you.(Ch. 49 of Taekwondo Principle)

In this point Poomsae differs from dance. You should fight and control over your opponent in poomsae. And you should not practice but fight actually in poomsae. That fight is one with yourself.

2. Sseuim-sae :

The sseuim-sae is the skill or method of how to control over the opponent and protect youself, i.e. the principle of organizing motions in poomsae. So the meaning of each motion in poomsae; what is this motion for, is the sseuim-sae. (Ch.51) In order to get Sseuim-sae you should understand sufficiently the meaning of each movement and motion of Poomsae.

3. Sseuim-nal :

Just as the sharp edge of a nife is necessary to cut something the powerfulness in motions of poomsae is necessary to fell down and suppress the opponent when the motions were used along the way of sseuim-sae, and this is the sseuim-nal.(Ch. 51)