Taekwondo Poems 1

writtend by David M. Twigg


The body centres and the movement begins.

I move but I am not the movement,

I blend to its shape as the reed bends with the wind.

I have a body but I am not my body.

Centred I am free from the external yet in harmony with the whole.

I act but inaction becomes harmonious co-operation.
I accept but feel no need to possess.

The movement is infinite, a circle and eternal, the same yet evolving.
It flows and I am immersed in its rhythm.

I embrace the one. Yield but in yielding conquer all.

The body centres and the movement is.

My shadow is cast on the Dojang floor.

It moves free of judgement, follows, but moulds naturally to its world.

Empty of self it is shaped by my movement.

I am its sculptor and it my teacher.


The Movement