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What is TCN(Taekwondo Culture Network)?



This site will show you how we are helping one another in Taekwondo and TKD world.

Taekwondo became a world wide culture. So if you were a Taekwondo practitioner(master or student) you can also get this opportunity to meet the kind people with good spirit along Taekwondo relationship. We also want to build such relationship of TKD, and to help you enjoy them.



Portugal : The first nation of TaekwondoBible.com

Introduction to Portugal (with some recommanded sites)
The City, Porto : The first city of TaekwondoBible.com
Taekwondo Seminar in Porto

North Association of Taekwondo in Portugal
2002 Taekwondo Seminar in Porto :Introduction of TKD Seminar
2005 Taekwondo Seminar in Porto :Introduction of TKD Seminar

Romania : The Second nation of TaekwondoBible.com

Introduction to Romania (with some recommanded sites)
Blaj and Alba Iulia : The Second city of TaekwondoBible.com
Taekwondo Interchange in Blaj



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