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I have to go down to the bottom of life.
On that lowest place
I have to harden
The wet and flabby ground
To be as firm as rock.
Putting myself lower
To harden my basis in time of endurance
I have to taste the simpleness and boringness of
Moss that cover all over the bloody black stone.

Only after the moss becomes a flower and
Only after the bitter changes to sweet honey
I can before I'm aware of it
Bloom various changes in a simple motion and
Get as my weapon the hidden history I found out,
So I turn my body once,
A strong tornado will shake the sky,
And I stamp my feet once again
The world's vibration will defeat my opponent.

The heaviness that lies in a big mountain is the
Dignity of time
That has endured the long darkness of humility
With itself in a humble way.
There is a firm ground at the bottom
That supports the weighty high mountain,
So I, who have the bottom of life hardened
Have to know
It is neither up nor down thus
The meaning of firmness.
Transcendence is only possible
In that.

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