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Life is a story
And Taekwondo is
The story on my meeting others.
If I could read the story
Erasing me and the others,
I can stay grounded during changes
Standing on the principles of no shape.

Of the motions of Taekwondo,
Even a step or
Even a sudden turn
With its meanings over all directions
Like the forest of Taebaek mountain,
The whole of which
Contains infinite path ways.

In the confusing labyrinth
Of living mountain paths,
Only the wise man can
Go through every path passing the true one,
One who can predict the dark in the bright and
See the sad even in the glad,
Therefore seeing
What is not
Through what is,
His name is Wise.

What does the Wise know more of?
He knows emptiness of
Both Taekwondo and himself.



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