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TAEKWONDO, the essence of fighting techniques,
Can be summarized as "Temperance".
Its abundant power comes
Not from the strong muscles
But from the temperateness through a good exact pose.

The substance of the temperance is
Unity of life and nature,
Where constant perpetuity and the ups and downs are unified together
And heaven's principles accord to earth's contents.
This is unwithering power.

When I face my opponent
I change myself,
Following the way of Haneul,
To keep everything in its own proper place in boundless change,
Following the way of Tang,
To be harmonized in opposition of opponent and the world,
Following the way of Saram,
To be not lost what I am in constant change.
And make empty the center of them all,
Of which the name is temperance.

Why doesn't the power of Taekwondo wither?
Because, not I, but the nature fights him,
Through the empty place of temperance.


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