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Guide to Basic Technique


This page is a guide for the second class of TKD seminar in Porto 2002.

2nd Class

Situation: 1. training require repetition

               2. repetition is boring

               3. you need hard training

               4. you dont like hard training.

(1à2: tension, 3à4: tension)



             Adults can understand.

             Adults can endure

             They can bear something

             But they are less flexible.


A point of training method: motivation.( understanding)

                           : For that, we need technique of communication.


1)      You should add some change in how to communicate.

a.       sometimes: explain in detail.

b.      Sometimes: stimulate them.

c.      Sometimes: show them.

---à  technique of understanding.


Tension: repetition à boring

             If you suggest many factors of a simple motion, it will not bore much.




Not boring

If you have a good reason to do something, you dont have to tell it sometimes. They will feel it.


Demand of Knowledge

The more aspect of technique you know, the more you can repeat it without boringness.


Demand of Experience

You should know how to suggest what you know on what they must know: the order of explanations.

It depends on mind reading


Technique of explanation

1)      you should prepare

A.       You should know general problem

B.       You should search the cause of their problem(Some info can be helpful)

C.       You should prepare good explanation

2)      Good presentation

A.       Persuasion:

- Sometimes strong and cut when they dont know the problem.

Ex) you should fight everytime!

-         Sometimes, in detail. : when they continue their mistakes.

B.       Explanation change the focus of practice(training or repetition)

-         Model)


10 repetition

(expl) why so many ?

100 repetition

(expl) You need mind in practice

20 repetition

(expl) you should correct this

30 repetition

(expl) you should focus this

50 .


Point: variation of a thing.

3)      Tension: Hard à dislike

1.       Persuasion : why you need hard training.

2.       Taste of result of hard training.

1>     when you won the other

2>     From exhaustion


-         good for relaxation

-         good for technique.(Technique is efficient)

(But if you use unnecessary strength it is not efficient!)

You should relax but you cannot. In that case, you should be exhausted before training.

- good for refreshment.

Process of Exhaustion


1 Step: Hard and tired(dislike)


2 Step: Breathing problem(continue)


3 Step: hard but a little easy


4 Step: not hard but tired


5 Step: not hard, not tired with relax.

After many experience of hard training you can be addicted(Good addiction)

à Then you dont have to be motivated of hard training so much.


Problem: unreasonable hard training can cause injuries.

             So, you should know good methods of hard training.