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Guide to Yaksok Kyorugi


This page is a guide for the third class of TKD seminar in Porto 2002.

3rd Class.: Techniques of Offense and Defense.




(1) Understanding the Position

             - TKD suggests fighting technique. You should understand why you should move that way. First, low pose.


Low Pose

-         Which is better between two?

-         Of course, 2) is better.

-         The technique is to occupy the best space against him(A)


The name of basics: Samjae.

1.       drop to be low

2.       approach to be closer

3.       use offense and defense.

Try to feel what your opponent will feel if you move this way.

Then you can understand the technique.


(2) Using your mind

When you attack you should intend to attack. All the same in training.

Attacking motion need attacking mind.


Factors 1) Dont draw back.

2)      Keep ready always.

à It is hard: It is fight. There is no fight that is not hard.


(3) Sight à a matter of mind: fear

In motion of offense and defense you should see his eyes, not his fist. But you dont. Because you fear his fist.

Understand that it is not his fist but his mind that attacks you.

You should see its substance.


0 Instructors Point

1. recognition of problem

2. solution to correct them.

3. motivation: explanation and communication.



-1- Low Pose

Problem: Their legs are weak.

à Strengthen them:

a.      sit down and up

b.      stay in low pose

c.      jumping

d.      and so on.

Good prescription points the thing they dislike most.


-2- Using Mind

Problem: They forget it, because they have many things to think in training.

à Point out each thing step by step

a.      point out a thing

à repeat it many times.

à they will change in motion

à correction

à point out the other thing

à repeat it


Correct each thing this way.

Repeat the whole process in everyday training.

Then you will correct them finally.


You can reduce things you have to think at a time.

Then you can think, not the movement but the mind.

Now, you can use your mind.



-3- Sight

Problem: You are not skilled in exact control of sight.

à Your master will correct it every time in training.

As an instructor you should point out it in practice together.

- Requirement of exact training.


These are basic invisible factors

For more invisible factors of technique, refer to PPT and 3JKY in www.TaekwondoBible.com.