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Guide to Practice of TKD Competition


This page is a guide for the forth class of TKD seminar in Porto 2002.

4th. Factors of Kyorugi.  

Situation: you already trained yourself of basic technique.

                     You are not skilled in free style kyorugi.


(1)   Distance

You have a good kick but fail to kick your target in kyorugi

à you are a little too far or too close.

(Usually, far: you are afraid you will be kicked.)

à You should get good sense of distance: First training.


à Technique of Distance

-        You can avoid his kick(attack) with control of distance.

-        Basic form: Back, back, kick.

n        Why back? : exhaust him and take a rest. Search your chance.

n        But continues back will allow good chance for him.

à So you need control of distance.

     Back      Back       Forth

Kick --à avoid --à avoid --à avoid

           Far        Far        Close

His exhaustion will give you a chance.


(2)   How to use the chance: Counterkick.

You should draw back in preparation

: You should be ready in low pose, pushing pose.

Two kinds of basic training of counter kick: right, left.

à Make your own sense of timing and distance of counter kick.


(3)   Technique of Attack.

1.      Confuse him: with faint motion

2.      Confuse him: with distance and timing.

How to control distance and timing.

           : Save motion(delete unnecessary motions) à Step.

(One step = one kick)

Kick, Kick, Kick: slow à fail

Kick, Step, Kick: faster à success

                          à saving motion.


1)     Dont hurry up: Just make exact motions

Understand him: feel what he feels in each moment. Then you can be easy.

2) keep low pose

3) keep ready mind.


(4)   Complex technique: Double kick.

Complex technique depends on good basic.

-        In training of complex one you can realize the importance of good basic.

-        A training method

Basic à complex

à basic à complex

à basic à complex


You can develop basic and complex technique together.


(5)   Turning kick(Dolgae Chagi)

-        points: the straight movement

Its visible appearance is turning but its inner movement is straight.

-        If you intend to turn yourself you will lose your distance.


(6)   Prediction: Predict what he will do

à control the whole game.

Basic knowledge: Two kinds of type

(1.   backward,  2. forward)

a.      Test him with faint motion

b.      See what kind of type he is

c.      Choose appropriate technique

d.      Use it without hesitation


If he knows this concept you should deceive him with type.

à The next stage: real game like chess.

-        Communication and Strategy is important.