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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


Taekwondo is the way to perfect rhythm. <24>
Within all things of the earth there
Beats a hidden rhythm. <14>
Nature wills the unity of this rhythm.
In this, man's will is activated. <20>
Opponents attempt to break each other's rhythm <16>
So I absorb my opponent's rhythm and
Through my own rhythm
Disperse that of my adversary. <27>
A broken rhythm is confused
Confusion easily dominated. <25>
And so through a tiny motion
Something meaningful is achieved.



Taekwondo is language. <32>
The rhythm of the language creates distance. <20>
Offense and defense are founded on distance; <33>
Ideal distance sees my opponent's attack fall
Short while mine strikes home. <20>
This is the fruit of harmony between time and space;
To find this distance I must erase myself. <56>

In the midst of lunge and retreat
While fixing the opponent's gaze, <23>
Two worlds are created on
The pillars of Space and time.
As the two mingle with each other
One is designed to fall and
When a world falls its <34>
Master falls with it <33>
Whose world is first perfected, <52>
That is the man who is seen to stand. <39>


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