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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


Taekwondo, in truth makes me one with my opponent. <42>
To strike the opponent's most vulnerable place is to
Strike a place in the universe. <28>
When I strike my opponent I
Strike with all that is in me, <35>
When attacked,
There is no difference between fullness and emptiness. <37>
I am grasped by fullness while
Through emptiness my <30>
Opponent's attack becomes futile. <29>

By softly striking a weak point <28>
I can subdue the adversary without
Being contrary to reason, <27>
A good attack never demands excessive power but <36>
Accuracy instead,
Never ruin but control,
Redirection not interference and <37>

Attaining victory using the
Opponent's own power. <22>
The ideal offense produces
Power from the force of the opponent's blow,
It does not oppose but only blends. <29>

If I attack with excessive force
I may destroy myself as well.
If I fail to convert my opponent's force into mine
We both will tremble with shock. <39>

Attack and Defense differ
Only in name <38>
Their oneness relies merely on
How sharply they are honed. <40>



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