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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


I erase myself
My adversary and I, in the midst of our
Frozen confrontation, <8>
Through my chosen way Taekwondo,
I must erase myself. <9>
First I erase my mind, all thoughts,
Then I erase my actions and <10>
Finally my body. <9>
Ultimately, when all is wiped out <7>
I can merge into my opponent's intent gaze. <13>
I would be everywhere, yet
I cannot be found. <11>
Then will my opponent's movements
Become my own and <23>
In this union of action a
Tender flow of motion controls me and <27>
In it, my opponent is overcome. <16>

Picture this <12>
My opponent and I locked
In our frozen confrontation. <8>
I erase myself and in doing so
My opponent is lost and left behind
Is and empty space where none exist. <9>
Taekwondo should be an art with
Which to draw myself. <10>
First should be drawn the boundaries of the earth and
The empty space filled in with the color of the sky. <12>
Then erasing myself and forming myself are the same. <10>
I remain standing in a featureless drawing <32>
And my form can vanish <16>
Then how would I be imagined. <59>


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