Juchum Seo Momtong Jireugi

This basic training is a simple motion, which is called "Juchum Seo Momtong Jireugi". But as it is simple it is difficult to train exactly. Some people cannot understand how it can be a technique or how this motion can be applied to a Kyorugi situation. All of these misunderstanding comes from easy and wrong practice of this important technique.

One good example can be seen in the following movies. ()

Let me explain some points of this training. (Remember, Without focusing point nothing can be a training.)

Of course, the first point of this motion is low standing pose. In the movie you can see the low pose, as explained in Juchum Seogi. But you will also see that the practitioner in the movie come to rise a little as he continue jireugi. The right photos are captured from the movie and you can compare with the first pose of upside. But it is not rising actually, but just seems to be in motion. And for you, it is more important that you should try, not to rise in training, but even rather to drop your hip down more and more. (If you find some problem of this, refer to Ch.3-2-1 of 3JKY)

The next point is that you should move your hip, shaking during the jireugi. You should focus on the movement of highlighted part in the right photo. "Because an attack of Taekwondo begins only with moving your mind you as a Taekwondo man, who follow the way of Sky with everything kept in its proper place, should hit the opponent with the whole of yourself in your attack. Therefore, you move and organize all parts of your body even in a slight motion."(Ch.34 of PPT, Ch.36 also concerns.)

In the movie you can see his hip shaked between two open knees. It is the main point with the first point; low standing. Why is this point is important? It is the point for bigger power(Refer to Technical Points in Taekwondo Motion.)

The next is that you should throw your fists, not pushing forth. If you push your fist it cannot be fast, but slow. In addition to that, it will exhaust your stamina. It is easy to say why beginners push their fists. For bigger power. You should get the power not from your muscle but from the principle. It is why everyone learns Taekwondo. Only in exact motion, which is a technique, you can get fast and natural power.

You should practice this Jireugi, 100,000 times for over three years if possible. But it is very hard and boring exercise, so almost no one train himself like that. Any way, you should practice this 100 times in each training, I recommand. Refer to the slow motion. ()