Junbi Motion of Juchum Seo Momtong Jiruegi

Junbi motion of Juchum Seo Momtong Jireugi should follow the order of the left picture.

The first is the pose of Junbi. The next is to drop your hip down. This point is very important from the technical viewpoint.

In On Samjae and Kang-Yu, it was said; "it is the attribute of Haneul to make your standing pose with only one leg lowering your hip."(Ch. 3-2 of 3JKY) In most technique of Taekwond you should stand on only one leg, but Juchum Seogi is an exception. So if you don't make low pose, there is nothing you can get of factors of Haneul, so the training is vacant. So when you get back from the Juchum Seogi, you should keep low pose until the last moment. I mean, the last movement of getting back is stand UP. (See the left picture.)

Remember, the first thing you have to do in the entire motion is to drop your hip down, and the last to stand up. Stay in the low pose as long as possible. It must be the hardest way.

You can see the whole motion in this movie(). In this movie, the demonstrator has only one fault,which is his punching is a little bit low.

And, when you use this technique in actual situation, you should move speedy way like this.()