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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


Taekwondo is the way to perfect rhythm.
Within all things of the earth there
Beats a hidden rhythm.
Nature wills the unity of this rhythm.
In this, man's will is activated.
Opponents attempt to break each other's rhythm
So I absorb my opponent's rhythm and
Through my own rhythm
Disperse that of my adversary.
A broken rhythm is confused
Confusion easily dominated.
And so through a tiny motion
Something meaningful is achieved.



Taekwondo is language.
The rhythm of the language creates distance.
Offense and defense are founded on distance;
Ideal distance sees my opponent's attack fall
Short while mine strikes home.
This is the fruit of harmony between time and space;
To find this distance I must erase myself.

In the midst of lunge and retreat
While fixing the opponent's gaze,
Two worlds are created on
The pillars of Space and time.
As the two mingle with each other
One is designed to fall and
When a world falls its
Master falls with it
Whose world is first perfected,
That is the man who is seen to stand.


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