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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


Martialism is a two edged sword
Used to feel both opponent and self
How is it we fail to temper our deeds,
Taekwondo, in truth says its right to avoid
Action excessive and tells us instead that
Through one single action we
Can certainly make others alive.



Standing alone in solitude
My mind stabalized in frozen tranquility
I firmly clench my fists and center them
In space.
When action takes place in the company of
One movement after another fells the
Featureless opponent.
From the stories of our bodies' many actions
The boundless knowledge of wise is formed.
Through the formality of ceaseless training
There emerges freedom that is not indifferent and
In each instant of formal motion a
New creation is found.
It is not my creation but
Is the shape of us all from
The past through the future a
Creation for all eternity.
As movements repose and the fists
Return to their starting place,
From the vitality of the soul the
Mind deeply breaths and
Again becomes tranquil while
Two sparkling eyes gaze
Through the thick wall of time at
Ancient history

I clench my fist and
From people who smile
Beneath a vast sky
I seek the path to the
Subtle meaning of my life.



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