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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


Taekwondo, in truth makes me one with my opponent.
To strike the opponent's most vulnerable place is to
Strike a place in the universe.
When I strike my opponent I
Strike with all that is in me,
When attacked,
There is no difference between fullness and emptiness.
I am grasped by fullness while
Through emptiness my
Opponent's attack becomes futile.

By softly striking a weak point
I can subdue the adversary without
Being contrary to reason,
A good attack never demands excessive
power but
Accuracy instead,
Never ruin but control,
Redirection not interference and
Attaining victory using the
Opponent's own power.
The ideal offense produces
Power from the force of the opponent's blow,
It does not oppose but only blends.

If I attack with excessive force
I may destroy myself as well.
If I fail to convert my opponent's force into mine
We both will tremble with shock.

Attack and Defense differ
Only in name
Their oneness relies merely on
How sharply they are honed.



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