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Fear is the first and the most important factor of Kyorugi and any kind of fight.
Here we talked a little about fear: how to control it, and what to think about it.

- Whitebelt: I talked to my instructor about it and he said it would be great to do. He is very interested in knowing how you teach
- Whitebelt: He was very interested in my Tkd lessons in Korea last summer.
- Blue: Concerned with teaching method, I'm proud of mine. ^^
- Whitebelt: So I told him all about how you taught me. I think he would love to see more of your teaching
- Whitebelt: He watched the video with me many times where you were teaching me
- Blue: I was not good when I was beginner, and I had many questions and demands in my mind about TKD that no one explained. So I had to investigated all of them for myself.
- Whitebelt: How can you learn on your own?
- Blue: Actually, your master must be better than me in TKD, and that must be why good masters cannot understand their students in details.
- Whitebelt: What do you mean by that?
- Blue: In my case, I relied on the principles, which are obvious and simple, and I had to investigated mankind itself for better understanding of TKD.
- Whitebelt: I know that he gets very frustrated with me when I do not kick right
- Blue: Yes, usaully, the better masters are, the worse their teachings work for beginners. Instead they can teach good skilled people better, I believe.
- Whitebelt: I am very much into Tkd right now. I love it and I want to learn it right. I want to learn faster than I am. I went to gym 5 times this week, and I still feel like my learning is not improving enough. In addition to going to classes, what could I do? You said you investigated mankind itself, what do you mean?
- Blue: About investigations on Mankind... for example, it is difficult to get good technique of competition. Many people come to think those technics are difficult, simplly. In my case, I looked into my experience, and I found out the 'fear', the first thing I met in competition.
- Whitebelt: It is so cool to be able to talk to you like this. I feel so fortunate to have friends that can give me great insight to things like this. I thank you for that.
- Blue: As we begin competition, as beginner, we cannot think, we cannot listten, we cannot move as we've learned, but just move instinctively. It is unavoidable. Then, for better technique of competition, for example, we have to think how to overcome the fear first.
- Whitebelt: Yes, you are absolutely right about the fear. I do have a lot of that when we practise in class, the fear of getting hurt etc.
- Blue: Oh, not at all. It is my pleasure too, to talk with you, who loves TKD, regardless your technic were good or not.
- Blue: Yes, the fear, I explain to my students quite often. And it is natural, and we can think of how to overcome it.
- Whitebelt: How do you overcome it? Just by doing it? Just by sparring more?
- Blue: The first thing is to contemplate it with reason. Second, we need to get used to the situation.
- Blue: To contemplate it is to think what would be the worst result of losing the game. With the protectors, we can be basically safe in the game. I may not shed some blood, and we may not be broken of our bones. We may feel some pain when struck, but it must not be serious in most cases. With fear, we can imagine worse thngs we should be desperate to avoid, but mos of them is not common.
- Whitebelt: That is very helpful insight. I am going to think about that one.
- Blue: In the most cases we need to consider, we cannot be injured so seriously. Then, we can get the conclusion that some part of our fear, at lest, are illusiionary.
- Whitebelt: Yes, that is so right. Our mind is a powerful thing.
- Blue: Observer those who lost in competition, and see whet they lost for their defeat. Almost nothing.
- Whitebelt: What would you say to someone who lost an important competition that they thought that they were going to win?
- Blue: Some cases, the lose more, although trivial, when they have fear in mind the interrupts your easy movements.
- Blue: The poeple, who lost their own important thing in competition as you told me, has stronger passion for victory than fear, so we need almost absolutely different thing to tell them.
- Whitebelt: What is the absolutely different thing?
- Blue: The fear, which we are talking about, matters to those who has so strong fear that they cannot control their game because of it.
- Whitebelt: Really?
- Blue: Let's suppose one, who wants to win the game for some reason, and it is desperate. Then fear will not matter so much. Instead, the result will matter more than his inner fear.
- Blue: And we are talking about the fear beginners come to have always, whenever they beigin the game even just for fun.
- Whitebelt: Yes, I get it. I am talking about my Master, he just lost at the Nationals and it was very hard on him. I did not know what to tell him
- Blue: In that case, like your master, it is not the matter of mental fear, but that of actual ability or actual result that they want to accomplish with all of this effort.
- Whitebelt: yes, he worked so hard for that competition.
- Blue: Everyone has fears, thinking if he cannot get what he should get or wants to get seriously. It is quite different from the blind fear beginners cannot stop at even easy competition with collegues.
- Whitebelt: That all is very interesting.
- Blue: Yes, ' the blind fear' is what we're talking about now.
- Whitebelt: I am wondering about something else too. What type of video would be most beneficial for me to take and send to you?
- Blue: The blind fear can be distinguished from the somewhat reasonable fear, which should be called as "worry".
- Blue: The videos on your technique or movement that you failed to correct or developed.
- Whitebelt: I will try to do it this week. I can not wait for your feedback.
- Whitebelt: Can you believe that I still have problems sometimes to do the round kick properly? And with enough power.
- Blue: It is not easy to make movie files of many things, according to my experience. You have to prepare for that particularly. So try to make movie when you cannot find some solution of our problem in spite of another person's advices.
- Blue: Yes.
- Blue: Almost everyone has something more to advance even in their best kicks.
- Whitebelt: Yes, that makes sense. That is just what Master Park keeps telling me.
- Whitebelt: It is 11.30 pm and I should get to bed. I have really enjoyed talking with you and I hope we can do it more. I feel like I had a private TKD lesson. I feel very priviledged
- Blue: OK. I need to stop dialogue now to help my wife. ^^
- Blue: See you again.
- Whitebelt: Good bye Take care.