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What is Taekwondo?


Taekwondo is a extremely developed system of fighting skills, which is a very scientific martial art as a Korean traditional one.

However, the Taekwondo is not to be confined in the concept of fighting skills

Taekwondo spirit includes the <Do> which advances both mind and life, and you can find this in the etiquette and mind training.

And Taekwondo is a martial art that was developed as a world wide sport today.

In this manner, Taekwondo can be defined as a scientific fighting skill inclusive of a good training method on mind and body, which is a world wide sport at the same time.

Taekwondo has been developed almost all the way along with the flow of Korean history for a long time. And since the history of Korea was much influenced by another countries around with its influences over them the development of Taekwodo was in the interactions with another kinds of oriental martial arts.

Thus, Taekwondo is similar to them and shares many important or trivial features with them.

However, we can find some differences between Taekwondo and another kinds of oriental martial arts. ; First, Taekwondo is very dynamic using much of kicking with active motions.; Second, Taekwondo's principles of motion accord exactly with those of spiritual training and of life in the philosophical depth.; Third, this Taekwondo is different from anothers in the active poses and dynamic beautifulness.

These reasons make Taekwondo beloved by many people in the world.

Now there is a task left to investigate the infinite deep world in the Taekwondo for the better life of each body.





More Theoretical Concept of Taekwondo

What is Taekwodo?

Taekwondo has various aspects. It is a traditional martial art of Korea and a world wide sport, and also a good method for spiritual development. However, what is the Taekwondo as the essential one in those various aspects.

Taekwondo is the principle, yet not a mere series of motions.

It is the principle of changes as the laws of motions. Therefore, it is not confined within the mere punching and kicking motion, or some of these. Taekwondo is adapting yourself more and more yet not the mechanical or physical laws fixed.

However, Taekwondo shows itself in more concrete figure in many cases, and it embodies itself in basic motions, poomsae and kyorugi owing to its condition in mankind. Thus, it is both principle and distinctively visible motions.

How can we define this Taekwondo for theoretical discussion when needed?

I think there are two answers possible for that. (definition of Taekwondo)

(1) First, "Taekwondo" refers to the activity pattern which pursues harmonized growth and improvement of man through spiritual & physical activities supposing in the world the extremely opposed relations for survival to overcome between You and your opponent. (Ch.4 of PPT)

(2) Second, Taekwondo is the principle of life and culture as a inherent system of fighting skills, which has been developed in the background of Korean people's culture.

The first definition focuses the universiality of Taekwond.

Taekwondo is a human activity pattern. It belongs to same category of political activities, farming or theoretical investigation. However, Taekwondo has distinctive factors from another kinds of activities, among which the most important one is that it is the activity performed in the extremely opposed relations for survival to overcome between You and your opponent. Differently to say, Taekwondo is the activity to control over the enemy who intends to hurt you.

But, in case that it is confined in this mere fighting skill it would not differ from those of gangster. The different aspect of Taekwondo activity from simple fighting skill is that it pursues the harmonized growth and development of man in this unique activity pattern. Here begins the unique spiritual realm of Taekwondo.

This characteristic of Taekwondo can be found in another kind of martial art, too. Thus, Taekwondo refers the main essential skills and principles of all kinds of martial arts. Namely, Taekwondo means the fundamental principle of martial arts. This is the universiality Taekwondo has.

If we are to discern Taekwondo from another kinds of martial arts. we should look into the unique and concrete characteristics Taekwondo has. Then we can understand the second definition above. Namely, among all kinds of the fighting skill system Taekwondo is that which was developed under the cultural background of Korea, and it contains the Korean culture and life style of Korea.

If you think those implications were too difficult and complex you can ignore all of them.

Taekwondo lies not only in those complicated concepts but it is also in what the beginners should learn in trainings if you were beginner and in what the blackbelt should learn if you were blackbelt.

Taekwondo is not the transcendental thing which is only beyond common sense to be a lofty one, yet is it in every usual training that we can touch. In the continuous training of daily life in right way you will understand all of the above.

And Taekwondo is open like the sea which includes infinitely much resourse.

This Taekwondo can be understood in both literal and martial method.

When you cannot understand the sophisticated theoretical concepts or you are not interested in them you can ignore all the them understanding what you meet and can understand for yourself in your own training. This is to understand Taekwondo by way of martial method.

When you are to catch the power and possibility of literals wanting to make use of them it can also be much helpful to understand the literal concepts of Taekwondo using them in trainings. This is to understand Taekwondo by way of literal(theoretical) method.

The best would be harmonize the literal and the martial in the trainings of spirit and body.

The exact concept can be helpful for understanding and training Taekwodo while the world cannot restrict nor create Taekwondo. On the other hand, it is also impossible to understand Taekwondo in incorrect motions.

You can realize Taekwondo only when you learn the right way training yourself with sweat and sincerety.