The history of changes in this site(2000-2001)

This page contains the history of change in this site from September 2000. The items below shows its details.

26. Dec. 2001 : Chapter 1-3, 4, 5 were updated in Samjae & Kang-Yu.

25. Dec. 2001 : Chapter 5-5 of Samjae & Kang-Yu was updated. Sorry for slow updates.

25. Nov. 2001 : The French version of PPT was completed. I appreciate Francois sincerely for his hard work.^^

24. Nov. 2001 : What is Kyorugi in Training was updated.

20. Nov. 2001 : Chapter 50-64 (except 51 and 52) of French version of PPT were uploaded. Thanks to Francois.

19. Nov. 2001 : Bab 22 of PPT(Chapter 22 of PPT of Malaysian version) was updated.

20. Oct. 2001 : The item of Created Poomsaes was added in the menu of Poomsae.

26. Sep. 2001 : Scenes of 2001 Autumn was updated.

15. Sep. 2001 : Scenes of 2001 Summer, Hell Night in Pizzahut and Malaysian album were updated.

10. Sep. 2001 : Preface of PPT compose of 7 chapter was traslated and added in introduction and PPT main text.

6. Sep. 2001 : We've got one more helper in Canada. Refer to Helper of this site.

13. Aug. 2001 : 7-3. Essence of Kang in "On Samjae & Kang-Yu" was updated.

7. Aug. 2001 : Regulations... and Sports Taekwondo were added in Training>System.

6. Aug. 2001 : Two chapters of "On Samjae & Kang-Yu" were added. One more menu "Life Style" was added to "Korean Culture".

5. Aug. 2001 : Four files of Portugal, Porto, Taekwondo Seminar in Porto were updated in the menu of Network>Taekwondo interchange.

4. Aug. 2001 : Implication of Samjae and Kang-Yu of "On Samjae & Kang-Yu" was updated.

3. Aug. 2001 : Bab 20 of PPT in Malaysian version was updated. A chapter of "On Samjae & Kang-Yu" was updated: Samjae and Kang-Yu as TAEKWONDO.

23. July. 2001 : Academy Tenets of A.M.A.A were added in Discussion>Dispute, and Self Defence Discipline in Training>Kyorugi.

21. July. 2001 : Purpose of Martial Arts Training and Leadership Principles were added in Discussion>Dispute, with Principles of Teaching and A.M.A.A Curriculum in Training>Teaching. Thanks to Master Kwak.

11. July. 2001 : Album of Summer 2001 was updated in member again.

1. July. 2001 : Bab 19 of PPT in Malaysian versioln was updated. Dui-chagi was updated too, under Training>Basics

29. June. 2001 : Album of Summer 2001 was updated in member.

23. June. 2001 : Bab 17 and 18 of PPT in Malaysian version were updated.

19. May. 2001 : Album of Malaysian students in Seoul National University was added in member.

16. Jun. 2001 : Bab 9 and 15 of PPT in Malaysian version were updated.

7. Jun. 2001 : Bab 8(Chapter 8) of PPT in Malaysian version was updated.

30. May. 2001 : "Walking" was uploaded and some explanation was added to "Stand-up".

29. May. 2001 : The album of "Spring of 2001" was complete firstly under Member. Some pages concerned with Korean Buddhism were added: Korean Buddhism, History of Korean Buddhism, and What is Buddhism with The 4 Truths and The 8 Paths.

25. May. 2001 : "What cannot be Taekwondo Philosophy" was added under Discussion>Philosophy.

24. May. 2001 : Myth of Korea was added.

23. May. 2001 : "Han-Geul"(Korean Letter) and "Korean Traditional Thinking" were added under Philosophy of Korea.

22. May. 2001 : Some explanations on Kiyong 8 maeks and Jeonggyeong 12 maeks were added.

18. May. 2001 : Korean Music and Samul Nori under Korean Culture were updated. Some mp3 files were added too.

22. Apr. 2001 : The first page of "Korean Culture" was changed. But not yet complete.

21. Apr. 2001 : Metaphysic of was uploaded.

20. Apr. 2001 : Bab 13 and 14 of PPT in Malaysian was uploaded.

19. Apr. 2001 : Korea culture > Korea tour was added. Almost items are linked ones. But I wish they can be useful for you who want to visit Korea.

16. Apr. 2001 : Bab 12(Chapter 12) of PPT in Malaysian was uploaded.

14. Apr. 2001 : The size of each image file in this site was reduced. It was a little bit harder than I've expected.^^ I wish you can download this site more quickly.

30. Mar. 2001 : "Current Taekwondo Poomsae" was completed in Training > Poomsae.

29. Mar. 2001 : Poomsae "Koryo" was added with image.

28. Mar. 2001 : "Taegeuk 1 Jang" was added with image in "Current Taekwondo Poomsae" of Training > Poomsae.

27. Mar. 2001 : Some photos were added to member>Scenes of 2001 spring.

26. Mar. 2001 : The menu "Hobby" was changed to "Network" with no content yet. And many images were added.

25. Mar. 2001 : The whole menu structure was changed. Some menus of "hobby" was moved to "training" and "discussion". The hobby menu will be replaced another soon. "What you have to remember-s" in Basics were edited with some addition of images.

8. Mar. 2001 : Chapitre 44-49 of PPT in French version were updated.

2. Mar. 2001 : Bakchigi Training in Training > Basic was updated.

1. Mar. 2001 : "What you have to remember during exercise as a black belt" was addeds.

4. Feb. 2001 : "Explanation of <Do>" was updated in the site of 'PPT>commentary".

3. Feb. 2001 : "About Samjae" was updated in the site of 'PPT>commentary".

2. Feb. 2001 : "About Kang-Yu" was updated in the site of 'PPT>commentary". "What you have to remember during exercise as a middle belt" was added, too.

30. Jan. 2001 : 3 more photos were added to the scene of 2000 summer in album, with some comments.

28. Jan. 2001 : Chapitre 40-43 of PPT in French version were updated. "The Importance of Pose in Training" was added in Training>Basics.

27. Jan. 2001 : Bab(chapter) 10 and 11 of PPT in Malaysian version were updated.

26. Jan. 2001 : Commentary on Jeonggyong 12 maeks and Kigyong 8 maeks were updated.

31. Dec. 2000 : The album of summer 2000 was updated. And some changes of designs in some pages.

7. Dec. 2000 : Chapitre 35-39 of PPT in French version was updated. Thus, Division 5 was complete in French.

5. Dec. 2000 : Some more menu was changed; a new menu "Philosophical Foundation of TAEKWONDO Principle" was added in Main, with no content yet, and "Taekwondo history" was moved from Main to Discussion, and "Essay" was from Discussion to Hobby.

2. Dec. 2000 : A new menu "On Samjae & Kang-Yu" was added with no content yet. The "Inquiry of Fighting Skills" was moved to Training part.

28. Nov. 2000 : Meditation 3 was updated.

27. Nov. 2000 : "Standing up" in Basic training was updated.

24. Nov. 2000 : The album of 2000 autumn was updated.

21. Nov. 2000 : Chapter 33 and 34 of PPT in French version was updated.

19. Nov. 2000 : An essay on Taekwondo "Taekwondo and Sea" was translated into English.

18. Nov. 2000 : Bab(Chapter) 4, 5 of PPT in Malaysian version were updated.

16. Nov. 2000 : "What is Taekwondo" was corrected with some more additional explanation(theoreticla definition). "Respect" and "Self-discipline" of Discussion was added: discussion> The others>Respect or Self-disciplin.

14. Nov. 2000 : Division 1 of PPT was finished to be polished in English version.

12. Nov. 2000 : Bab 3(Chapter 3) of PPT in Malay was added.

11. Nov. 2000 : Meditation 2 was added. This file contains an interesting story.

7. Nov. 2000 : In Training : Basic Skills> Three Steps in Each Basic Skill was added.

6. Nov. 2000 : Following files were added. "What is Taekwondo", "System of Taekwondo Training",

5. Nov. 2000 : Spanish version of PPT was completed. I appreciate J.L.Guirao sincerely for his hard work.

4. Nov. 2000 : The contents of Kyorugi : Main Elements of Kyorugi and How to train in Kyorugi was added, but under construction. And the contents of Basic : walking was added, too. They belong to "Training" in up menues.

3. Nov. 2000 : The chapters 46-52 of PPT in Spanish were uploaded.

1. Nov. 2000 : "The Essential Factors of Poomsae" and another files in Trainign were added in "Training"(up menu). Malaisian version of PPT begins to be built up thanks to Hooi Yu-Mun. The first two chapter was added.

27. Oct. 2000 : The upward menu design was changed.

22. Oct. 2000 : All chapters of PPT were uploaded. Although they need much of polishments yet, please congratualte me! It was hard work to translate.^^

20. Oct. 2000 : The Chapter 56, 57, and 62 of PPT were uploaded.

19. Oct. 2000 : The chapter 55 of PPT was uploaded. Thus, the division 7 is complete.

18. Oct. 2000 : The chapter 54 of PPT was uploaded.

7. Oct. 2000 : The chapter 53, 63 and 64(the last chapter) of PPT were uploaded. The chapter 63 and 64 were translated earlier than the previous ones. And Some member list was added in Member page.

6. Oct. 2000 : The chapters 51 and 52 of PPT were uploaded.

27. Sep. 2000 : The chapters from 40-45 of PPT in Spanish was uploaded.

24. Sep. 2000 : Chapters from 30-39 of Spanish version was uploaded.

23. Sep. 2000 : How to make a fist of Training, and some natural and evolved skill of defending fist in Inquiry was added.

20. Sep. 2000 : The Chapter 50 of PPT was uploaded. Some articles of Lao-tsu about Ki was added.

18. Sep. 2000 : The chapter 49 of PPT was uploaded.

17. Sep. 2000 : The chapter 48 of PPT was uploaded.

15. Sep. 2000 : New menus were added. "About Ki" was added in the part of Discussion. Some question of Q&A was edited and uploaded in that part. Some articles wil be uploaded later.

A new item "system" was added in the part of Training. Now an article of belt system was uploaded. But its content is not new. It also came from Q&A.

Inquiry to Fighting Skills & Training : I think many people are interested in these menus. So I will concentrate to build up this contents for a while.

Spanish Version of PPT : Owing to a very thankful help of a man, I'm preparing to build up spanish version of PPT. (by 4.Feb. 2001)

Philosophical Principles of Taekwondo : For the some time to come, I'll concentrate to translate it into English and build up those pages. From my viewpoint, everything will be explained with more ease and with logical consistence and plausibility based on the texts of PPT. Those text may be seem boring but you will understand its implications by many examples after completion of the PPT translation.(by 22.Oct. 2000)